Healthy Football Recipes – Are You Ready?

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Healthy Football Recipes – Are You Ready?

Healthy Football Recipes from  Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa

How about some healthy football recipes. With the biggest football game right around the corner, football and game day eats are on everyone’s minds. For a healthier alternative to high calorie snacks for game day, here are a Tropical Salsa and Edamame and Broccoli Dip made by Chef Anthony Stewart from Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa. Great food will get you ready for a great game.

Tropical Salsa

Recipe by Chef Anthony Stewart from Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa

Servings: 12 (about 1/4 cup per serving)

Prep Time: 35 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes


1 red onion diced
1 tablespoon garlic minced
2 tablespoons tomato sauce (no-salt-added )
1/4 teaspoon Tabasco
1 mango peeled and diced
1 cup pineapple diced
1 cup papaya peeled and diced
1 tomato diced
1 tablespoon oregano (fresh) chopped
2 tablespoons basil (fresh) chopped
Garnish green onions chopped (optional)
Garnish chives chopped (optional)

In a small nonstick skillet over low heat, saute red onion, garlic, tomato sauce, and Tabasco until well combined, about 5 minutes. Stir regularly.
In a large mixing bowl, gently combine remaining ingredients (except garnishes).
Spoon red onion mixture into bowl, and gently toss all ingredients until combined.
If desired, garnish with a sprinkling of green onions and/or chives.
Recipe Notes

The chefs at Pritikin have created the best ever mango recipes because all their recipes deliver everything that’s great for us, like great flavor and great nutrition, and virtually nothing that’s harmful, like saturated fat, sugar, and salt.

This Tropical Salsa recipe has just about everything that’s deliciously divine, from mangoes to pineapple, but absolutely nothing that’s bad for you. No salt, no added sugar, no waist-expanding oil or other fat. Wow!


Edamame & Broccoli Dip

healthy football recipes

Recipe by Chef Anthony Stewart, Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa

Servings: 8half cup servings

Prep Time: 20minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes


1 pound Shelled Edamame (soya beans) cooked

1 pound broccoli florets over-cooked

1/4 cup plain yogurt, fat free

3 tablespoon onion chopped

1 tablespoon garlic chopped

1/4 teaspoon black pepper ground

4 tablespoon lemon juice

3 tablespoon basil chopped

2 teaspoon Pritikin® All-Purpose Seasoning*

This dip is excellent with vegetable sticks, such as carrots, celery, and jicama, or with low-sodium, baked chips. And it’s much kinder to your waistline than many store-bought creamy dips, which tally up a belt-busting 300-plus calories for a half-cup serving. Our dip is just 45 calories.


  1. In a food processor puree beans, broccoli, onion and garlic, puree for 2 minutes.Instructions
  2. Add sour cream, yogurt, basil, black pepper and blend until smooth and creamy.
  3. Adjust taste with lemon juice.

Recipe Notes

You can purchase Pritikin All-Purpose Seasoning online at the Pritikin Store.

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