Perry’s Beverage Director brings Menu to a Top Shelf Level

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Perry’s Beverage Director brings Menu to a Top Shelf Level

Perry’s Beverage Director Pairs Exotic Cocktails & Wine with Great Food

Perry’s Beverage Director and Corporate Sommelier brings Perry’s food up a notch by pairing it with fresh cocktails & wine. We all love Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille because of their wonderful steaks and upscale ambiance. Oh, and those slow smoked, caramelized Pork Chops are fantastic. But Perry’s should also be known for their drink menu. I had the pleasure of meeting with Corporate Sommelier and Beverage Director Susi Zivanovic last week. Susi, as I soon found out, is also a stellar mixologist. She is always playing with ideas, flavor combinations and presentation of cocktails at Perry’s. Cocktails that can stand alone but also enhance their menu. According to Susi, classic cocktails are back in style and the demand is for fresh, flavorful ingredients. Fresh squeezed & muddled fruits, vegetables and herbs make all the difference in building a classic cocktail.

Perry's Beverage Director

Take the age old Mai Tai first concocted in Trader Vic’s, the original Polynesian-inspired Tiki lounge. This Tiki bar favorite libation started out with fresh ingredients but with popularity came mass production. Convenient packages to quickly throw in a blender with rum, losing the true taste of the original cocktail. At Perry’s, they make their Mai Tai and all their cocktails the old-fashioned way, from scratch.

Perry's Beverage Director

Perry’s Bar 79 La Cantera

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille La Cantera has paired some of their bar bites at Bar 79 with some of their cocktails and their private label wine. Try the Mai Tai mentioned above with it’s aged Rum, fresh lemon juice and Orgeat with the smoky sweet bites of Perry’s famous Pork Chops. A great flavor combination and the wow factor of the presentation is beautiful.

Perry's Beverage Director


Perry’s Beverage Director created this lovely, healthy Make my Heart Beet Cocktail. It looks stunning beside the colossal shrimp cocktail and both compliment each other nicely. The cocktail, made with Don Q Coconut Rum, fresh beet juice and orange juice is available now, just ahead of Valentine’s Day.  February is the time of year when you think about those that make your heart beat the most, so from late January through February 28, Perry’s is bringing you the surprising Make My Heart Beet Cocktail. This deep red beverage is definitely the tastiest way to enjoy your beets! It is also a great way to celebrate National Heart Month in February too.

Perry's Beverage Director

Another exquisite cocktail created by Perry’s Beverage Director is the Smoky Rita, a margarita with a twist. Using the bourbon barrel aged Hornitos Black Barrel tequila with Dekuyper 03 liqueur, fresh pressed lime juice, and agave nectar, you get a not too sweet rita with a smoky flavor. Half rimmed with Habanero salt for a bit of heat, this could nicely pair with a plate of Homemade Polish Sausage or Prime Beef Carpaccio. It also goes splendidly with those wonderful Pork Chop Bites too.

Perry's Beverage Director

Perry’s 2013 Private Label Chardonnay is aged in French Oak barrels. It’s notes of crisp apple, mango and sweet lemon curd is the perfect match for the Tempura Fried Lobster Tail. Served in the lobster shell, these sweet, buttery, crisp fried bites meet their match in this Chardonnay.

Perry's Beverage Director

Perry's Beverage Director

Want dessert? The newest addition to the Perry’s dessert menu is the Chocolate Crunch and should not be missed. This crunchy chocolate mousse tart is a chocolate lovers dream. Crunchy milk chocolate covered with a dark chocolate ganache served with homemade whipped cream, toffee and peanut brittle. This chocolate sensation pairs well with the bold Perry’s 2012 Private Label Cabernet Sauvignon. With notes of Cassis, dark fruit and coco and a hint of cinnamon and smoke, this pair will dance in your mouth.

Perry's Beverage Director

Perry's Beverage Director

**Full Disclosure: I was invited to the preview of Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille tasting event for a review. All opinions are %100 my own.

Location: 15900 La Cantera Parkway, Suite 22200, San Antonio, TX 78256

Phone: 210-558-6161


Monday – Thursday 4 PM – 10 PM 10 PM
Friday 11 AM – 10 PM 11 PM
Saturday 4 PM – 10 PM 11 PM
Sunday 4 PM – 9 PM 9 PM

Valet Parking Available

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