Celebrate Valentine’s Day with rokz Cocktail Creations!

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with rokz Cocktail Creations!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Lovely and Creative Cocktails made with rokz Infusions, Sugars & Salts

rokz, the go-to brand for craft cocktail creations and quality ingredients has fantastic cocktail creations recipes that are innovative, are very delicious and perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Come this Valentine’s Day, rokz will be your must-have for your Valentine’s Day cocktail creations recipes, gifts and party inspiration.
The rokz brand of infusions, cocktail sugars and salts makes it easy to get into the Valentine’s Day festivities with fun cocktails that everyone can enjoy. Their impressive array of cocktail recipes, including their Tales from the Test Tavern blog and entire line of products are available at www.rokz.com.
rokz products make a great gift for your Valentine, and their cocktail creations recipes are a big crowd pleaser.
Here is a tasty cocktail recipe for him and her that they will seriously love!
rokz Lemon Bloom cocktail
celebrate Valentine's Day
(2 servings)
2 oz vodka – infused with rokz Wild Hibiscus Infusion
1 oz lemon juice
1 tsp sugar
lemon slices
Garnish with rokz Lemon Drop Cocktail Sugar for the rim
How to make it:
celebrate Valentine's Day
Infuse 16 oz. vodka with rokz Wild Hibiscus Infusion kit for 3-4 days.
Combine the vodka, lemon juice, and sugar in a cocktail shaker.
Add ice and shake until well chilled, about 20 seconds.
Strain into two chilled cocktail glass rimmed with rokz Lemon Drop Cocktail Sugar.
The rokz brand has great tasting products that can be used all year round. No matter what the weather is like, rokz infusions, cocktail sugars and salts are to be enjoyed through all the seasons. rokz is a favorite at bars and at home for their inventive beverages and new craft cocktails. It’s no wonder why mixologists, beverage enthusiasts, spirits connoisseurs and national media adore the brand so much. The rokz line of products are sold at select department stores such as Nordstrom, retail stores such as Whole Foods and nationwide online.
About rokz
rokz is a company specialized in innovative and beautifully designed products that include infusions, cocktail sugars and margarita salts for the craft cocktail. All products are sold at select department stores, retail stores and nationwide online. rokz and their products have captured the attention of global trendsetters, media and a culinary clientele. For more information on rokz and its products, visit www.rokz.com and Facebook via facebook.com/rokzflavors and Twitter via twitter.com/rokzflavors.

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