Join JoyRide Cycling & The Good Kind Weight Loss Challenge

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Join JoyRide Cycling & The Good Kind Weight Loss Challenge

Join JoyRide Cycling as They Host Their 2nd Annual New Year Weight Loss Challenge

Join JoyRide Cycling as they make it easy and fun for the San Antonio community to stick to their new year’s resolutions with a one-month weight loss challenge — all with a little help from its friends, Ilanit Blumenfeld, RD, MPH, and Tim McDiarmid of The Good Kind. The challenge is aimed at helping participants gain a healthier, more joyful version of themselves through a lifestyle challenge which combines JoyRide’s addictive cycling and fitness classes, group-support, nutritionist-designed meal plans and the convenience of The Good Kind meal deliveries. The 2017 JoyRide Weight Loss Challenge begins on Monday, January 9, and runs through Friday, February 3.

Top New York nutritionist, Ilanit Blumenfeld, RD, MPH of IBG Nutrition, has teamed up with JoyRide to create a nutritional plan that guides challenge participants through healthy food preparation and cooking. Ilanit’s goal is to teach her clients how to create delightful yet healthy meals that aid in shedding pounds. Ilanit believes in diverse meal plans that are customized to suit your taste and hectic life. Whether you love to cook or don’t have the time, Ilanit’s options work for anyone and everyone. She is so determined to help JoyRiders continue their health journey after the challenge that she is adding an additional 3-weeks of meal plans to this year’s Challenge.

To make sticking to the meal plan even easier, San Antonio’s favorite caterer, The Good Kind, is available to deliver JoyRide Challenge meals by Ilanit Blumenfeld straight to your front door. The Good Kind is known for lending a hand to the Alamo City’s goal to be a healthier city. It vows to always use ingredients that nourish and sustain while still tasting delicious. The Good Kind deliveries will be available starting the first week of the challenge.  Now there is no excuse to jump on the JoyRide challenge!

Join JoyRide Cycling

So how does it work? Sign up is free on JoyRide’s event page at To qualify for the Challenge, participants must purchase a 10-pack of classes or enroll in JoyRide’s Unlimited monthly classes. Challenge participants will be required to take a minimum of four cycle and/or studio classes each week. In addition, contestants will be provided with weekly nutritional meal plans developed specifically for the challenge by New York Nutritionist, Ilanit Blumenfeld, RDN, MPH. There will be a private Facebook group for participants to encourage and support each other.
To qualify for the Grand Prize (see Grand Prize details below), there will be a private weigh-in on the first day and on the last day of the challenge at both San Antonio area JoyRide locations. The person who has the highest percentage of weight lost during the four weeks takes home the Grand Prize. Participants’ weigh-ins will be kept private, and they also will be encouraged to track their own weight loss journey through a food journal and at home weigh-ins. Challenge participants pay only for the JoyRide classes – supervision, nutrition and fitness advice, and meal plans are complimentary.

Grand Prize

6-months unlimited JoyRide classes

3 follow-up sessions with nutritionist Ilanit Blumenfeld

The Good Kind meal delivery gift card

Whole Foods Market gift basket

lululemmon Quarry Market gift card

More surprises from your favorite local retailers

Join JoyRide Cycling



Required Weigh-ins for Grand Prize

01.08.2017 or 01.09.2017 and 02.03.2017 or 02.04.2017

One day at each location

Join JoyRide Cycling Challenge Sign-Up

Alon Location –

Broadway Location –


It’s free to Join JoyRide Cycling Weight Loss Challenge

Participants pay $165 for Unlimited 3 Months or $195 for 10-Class Pack

The Good Kind meals and meal deliveries prices vary

You can join JoyRide Cycling Challange at these Locations

JoyRide at Alon, 10003 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX, 78231

JoyRide at Broadway 1915 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78215



What’s JoyRide, you ask? Think calorie-torching, endorphin-surged, high-energy, super-athletic group fitness classes. Indoor cycling classes: Cycle, Tabata, Interval + Endurance, Resistance Ride, CycleLIVE, DJ and theme rides. Strength and resistance classes (select studios): Circuit, Sculpt, Pilates, High-Intensity Interval Training, BOSU®, TRX®, Pound®. All served with a large dose of authenticity, JOY, humor and positivity! Life’s a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!® Be fit. Be strong. Be JOYful!  *Warning: JoyRide is highly addictive!


Mother to four girls and a nutritionist, Ilanit’s lifelong passion for nutrition and cooking inspired her to pursue her Masters in Public Health Nutrition. She looks at nutrition holistically, emphasizing healthy living over quick diet and exercise fixes. Ilanit has worked as a nutrition consultant for individuals and groups for the past 8 years. Over that time she has created healthy food recipes from her kitchen and helped her clients meet their long-term weight loss goals. She makes cooking and eating healthy, fun, and, most importantly, delicious. Most recently she started her own food company, goVida Foods; a health-focused, freeze-dried fruit company that sells unique fruits and a variety of flavors from all over the world. We have included her snacks as part of the plan, which we believe you will truly enjoy.


Led by Tim McDiarmid of Tim the Girl culinary company, The Good Kind specializes in grab-and-go breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items; large and small-scale catering; and weekly meal delivery. The Good Kind builds on Tim the Girl’s vision of providing the San Antonio community with food that is clean, nourishing, sustainable and delicious. It’s The Good Kind of food you can enjoy daily.

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