Alacran Tequila Prosecco Cocktail for a Holiday Toast – Cheers!

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Alacran Tequila Prosecco Cocktail for a Holiday Toast – Cheers!

Alacran Tequila Prosecco Cocktail with Sant’ Arturo Prosecco Wine

The Alacran Tequila Prosecco cocktail is very tasty and is an excellent cocktail to serve at your upcoming holiday gathering celebration. Invite friends and or family over as this Alacran Tequila Prosecco cocktail is a stunning and very delicious cocktail. This new cocktail recipe that is sure to be a hit with your guests at home. Cheers!

30ml Alacran Tequila
60ml Sant’ Arturo Prosecco Wine
2 scoops of lemon sorbet ice
Serve in a champagne glass
Put all ingredients in a blender and smooth until fluffy. Pour in a champagne glass.
Sant’ Arturo Wine including the Sant’ Arturo Prosecco Wine has been featured in national and international media. Fans of the brand include national media, celebrities and global trendsetters. Sant’ Arturo Wine participates in celebrity and charity events nationally.
Sant’ Arutro Wine is priced at $12.99 and up.
Alacran Tequila Prosecco cocktail
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Alacran Tequila is an ultra premium tequila that sets itself from the competition as their taste is pure, distinct and stands out. Alacran Tequila has a sexy looking, sleek matte, soft touch black bottle and tantalizing logo.

All over the world, consumers are embracing the Alacran Tequila brand and it has been featured in many events in the U.S. and abroad from charity events, fashion events including NYFW to celebrity events. It is targeted towards tequila drinkers and agave connoisseurs alike who crave a fresh intriguing taste compared to other competitors in the marketplace.

Alacran Tequila Prosecco cocktail

Alacran Tequila tastes smooth and delicious on the rocks or in a cocktail. The product retails for $42.00 and is sold at the hottest lounges, clubs, restaurants, hotels, bars and stores.

Alacran Tequila is committed to excellence and producing great tasting, high quality agave products. Alacran Tequila has captured the attention of national and international media and a celebrity clientele. For more information on Alacran Tequila and its products, visit and Facebook via and Twitter via

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