Heather McDonald – One of the most in-demand Comics comes to Tobin

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Heather McDonald – One of the most in-demand Comics comes to Tobin

Heather McDonald, One of the Most In­-demand Touring Stand-­up Comics in the Country, is Coming to San Antonio

Heather McDonald will be in San Antonio Friday, February 3rd 2017 to perform stand-up at the Tobin Center. Heather is one of the most in­-demand touring stand-­up comics in the country as well as an actress, TV personality, and bestselling author.


From realtor to full time stand-up comic, Heather keeps reinventing herself on her road to success.


For its entire seven-year run, Heather wrote, produced, and was a regular cast member on E!’s Chelsea Lately. You can also catch her on a variety of shows, including Watch What Happens Live, Wendy Williams, Real Housewives of Orange County, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


She recently debuted her first Showtime stand-up special I Don’t Mean to Brag…, now available on Netflix. Heather also hosts and produces the hit podcast Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald. Totaling close to a million downloads a month, the show features celebrity interviews, pop culture news, and much more.

Heather McDonald

Heather is a touring comedian and best selling author of You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again: One Woman’s Painfully Funny Quest to Give It Up and My Inappropriate Life (Some Stories Not Suitable for Nuns, Children, or Mature Adults).


McDonald encourages all aspiring actors, actresses and comedians to pursue their dreams.


“What’s so great about today’s world is that you can pursue several things. Even if you’re just putting up a funny blog or your writing a joke on Facebook and 20 of your friends say it’s funny and then you try stand-up. You don’t have to throw away your job and leave your family. I wouldn’t suggest that if you want to pursue comedy,” McDonald joked. She suggested that when an aspiring comic experiences something funny, to write it down in a journal right away.


“Start to gather it up because I look back and I think, ‘I wish I had done that more when I was pursing it.’ I think it’s great to take a class and meet people. Just do it. If it’s something you want to do, there is no excuse. You can do it slowly, or in a partial part of your day,” she said.


Today, McDonald is focused on her stand-up and podcast (available on iTunes) “Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald.” She also continues to pursue opportunities on television, but these days, she’s working more as a writer or producer or in hosting gigs.


“I’m not necessarily pursuing acting very much, I do go on auditions, but probably if I am going to be in a scripted thing, I’m going to have to write myself,” she said. “I love acting and I love when I get anything but, being where my career has gone in the last ten years, I think it’s heading more towards the hosting and the talk show and the comedy. And, really being myself.”


Check out her hilarious podcast, “Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald” on iTunes, brought to you by Wondery.


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Here is the ticket link for Tobin: https://www.tobincenter.org/box-office/2017-02/heather-mcdonald


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