Forever Young Wine Cocktail For Your Holiday Gathering

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Forever Young Wine Cocktail For Your Holiday Gathering

Forever Young Wine Cocktail will be a Hit at Any Party

A Forever Young Wine Cocktail for your next holiday party. Tonight or this weekend, impress your guests with a Forever Young Malbec Wine cocktail that is sure to be a hit. The cocktail is called When Harry Met Sangria made with Forever Young Malbec Wine. It is available at the Bastille Kitchen in Boston. Whether you order When Harry Met Sangria at your favorite restaurant or you make this cocktail at home, it is sure to be a big cocktail pleaser. This beautiful cocktail is very delicious and is an excellent cocktail to serve for lunch or dinner and for your holiday celebration.

When Harry Met Sangria Cocktail



1 cup of fall spices in the bottom of the glass

Top with Forever Young Malbec Wine

3 ounces of pomegranate syrup

1 orange slice


Add ice in the glass with all the ingredients. Stir. Add rosemary as the garnish.

Forever Young Wine Cocktail

Forever Young Wine founder’s hospitality developer Seth Greenberg and Arty Dozortsev of Dozortsev & Sons Enterprises have seen their brand become a favorite in the marketplace and has quickly expanded in the U.S. and including to Mexico and Europe. Forever Young Wine includes their Malbec Reserva and Sauvignon Blanc and their new Rose that is superb in taste.

The delicious Forever Young Rose Wine and Forever Young Malbec Wine are both Bronze Medal Winners at the 2016 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.

Forever Young Wine Cocktail

Forever Young Wine is imported and distributed by Dozortsev & Sons Enterprises. Forever Young Wine is featured in national media and at philanthropy events and celebrity events. For more information about Forever Young Wine, visit


Dozortsev & Sons line of products has captured the attention of media and global trendsetters. For more information on Dozortsev & Sons Enterprises and its products, visit and Facebook via

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