ButcherBox Helps get Your Creative Cooking Juices Flowing

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ButcherBox Helps get Your Creative Cooking Juices Flowing

ButcherBox Membership will have You Stepping Back to Nature

The Back to Nature Revolution is spreading across the country thanks to ButcherBox. This company started out of wanting to make 100% grass-fed beef accessible to everyone in this country. Why use 100% grass-fed beef? Because not only is it healthier for you, as it’s a good source of omega 3, it is also much more flavorful than other meat. Not everyone in the country has easy access to 100% grass-fed beef. At least they didn’t before ButcherBox came along.

ButcherBox is more than just a monthly membership box, it’s a new kind of food community. From the local farmers and ranchers who raise the grass-fed and grass-finished cows, free-range organic or pastured chickens, and humanely raised Heritage Breed pigs to the chefs and nutritionists who offer cooking tips and recipes, you get the whole experience.

They have 4 boxes to choose from:

    1. All Beef Box. This is the box that started the revolution. This box offers 3-5  premium  cuts of beef from shortribs to ribeye and everything in between. And it always includes their premium blend of ground beef, a ButcherBox staple.
    1. Mixed Box – a selection of one cut of beef plus the premium blend of ground beef, in addition to at least one premium cut of all-natural pork and organic chicken.
    1. Beef & Chicken Box – This box contains a featured cut of beer plus the premium blend of ground beef and 1-2 cuts of organic chicken like boneless thighs or chicken breasts.
  1. Beef & Pork Box – This box contains a featured cut of beef plus the premium blend of ground beef and 1-2 cuts of all-natural humanely raised pork like pork tenderloin or all-natural pork chops.

Each box is just $129 and which is enough meat for at least 20 individual meals (at a 5-8oz portion size). The price works out to $6.50 per meal and shipping is free. So not only do you get the best tasting beef, pork and chicken you have probably ever set your teeth into, you also get it at an affordable price. ButcherBox buys in bulk from a collective of small farms and then passes the savings on to you, the consumer.

ButcherBox is a monthly membership delivery service but you can choose the frequency of delivery to suit your schedule. Make it every month, every other month or every three months. You can change your box type or cancel anytime.

Each delivery will be a different cut chosen by the ButcheBox elves giving you the opportunity to explore new cuts of meat and discover something new to love. Included with your box will be a mouth watering recipe created by chefs, nutritionists and blogger in the health community to help inspire your cooking. The meat is flash frozen at the peak of freshness and packed with dry ice to insure it gets to your location still frozen. It will arrive 2-5 days after shipping and your’ll receive a tracking # the night your box ships. It will even stay fresh on your doorstep for up to 24 hours!

ButcherBox ButcherBox ButcherBox

The Box I received was a Beef & Pork box which included:

  • 2-12oz Thin Sliced Beef
  • 2-12oz Beef Sirloin Tips
  • 2-12oz Beef Sirloin
  • 2-1lb Bricks of Ground Beef
  • 2-10oz Bone-in Pork Chops
  • 10oz of Bacon

Also included were:

  • An insulated shopping tote
  • A welcome card
  • New Founder Letter
  • Recipe card for Sirloin Tips with Fajita Spiced Peppers (the back of the recipe card shows where the cut of beef comes from on the cow as well as cooking tips)

Now I’m ready to get started!

The first thing I wanted to try were those lovely pork chops. These chops were large and thick cut which made them perfect for stuffing. After cutting a pocket in the chops and stuffing them with my favorite stuffing, I pan seared them in a skillet to lock in the juices and then put them in the oven to finish cooking them.

ButcherBox ButcherBox

Y’all, these were hands down the best pork chops I have ever eaten. They were juicy and had tons of flavor. My husband could even taste the difference in the quality of the meat.

I next used the Beef Sirloin Tips to make a wonderful Italian beef stew with mushrooms, canned tomatoes, onion, garlic and celery. I love keeping my recipes simple and with ButcherBox beef, this is the best way to get the flavor of the 100% grass-fed beef.




ButcherBox is Better Meat for a Better You!

Once you taste the quality and flavor of their meats, you will want more and you will also want to share. ButcherBox is a great gift-giving idea for friends and family for the holidays. Order here!

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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