Composer Nathan Felix is back Presenting Classical Music in a Unique Way

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Composer Nathan Felix is back Presenting Classical Music in a Unique Way

Composer Nathan Felix Returns to San Antonio November 11 Presenting an Immersive Musical Experience

Self-taught composer Nathan Felix and his new 30-piece choir collective, From Those Who Follow the Echoes, to showcase the follow-up to Felix’s 6-Piano Classical Music Kegger, as part of an ongoing series of immersive musical experiences on November 11th (7:30 pm) at the Sternewirth Bar in Hotel Emma (136  E Grayson St).


While Felix’s first immersive concert featured 6 pianos, this event will showcase over 20 choir singers accompanied by a string section.  The ensemble will utilize the unique spaces inside the Sternewirth bar at Hotel Emma as the singers and musicians will strategically disperse above the bar and perhaps even amongst Hotel Emma patrons.  Felix conceived this immersive idea wanting to promote unity in the San Antonio community by hosting concerts in public spaces where the audience and performers are essentially one collective group of people united by the power of music at that particular moment in time.  After the show at Hotel Emma, the choir will load up in a bus donated by The Renewable Republic and drive to a secret public location for an impromptu performance.

Composer Nathan Felix

The performances will feature the premiere of three newly written Latin-choral works by Nathan Felix that will all lead to the finale of a recognizable piece, Amazing Grace, in which the conductor will encourage the audience to sing along to create total-communal-immersion.


What:  Immersive Musical experience at Hotel Emma featuring San Antonio’s first indie choir, From Those Who Follow the Echoes. Presented by composer, Nathan Felix

When:  November 11th7:30 pm

Where:  Historical Hotel Emma (Sternewirth Room); 136 E. Grayson St

Who:  Nathan Felix’s new indie choir, “From Those Who Follow the Echoes”


Summary:  The choir will be spread out within the Sternewirth room at Hotel Emma with some singers up on the balcony behind the old bar and then the rest being strategically dispersed throughout the space. A small string section will be in the center alongside the conductor. This performance is immersive with the audience, as attendees will be sitting and standing amongst the performers. The newly written pieces will be Latin-choral works by Nathan Felix in an attempt to present classical music in a new way and create unity through immersion.


Composer Nathan Felix

About Nathan Felix

Disenchanted with the world of punk and indie rock, self-trained, Mexican-American, composer Nathan Felix found solace in the structure and arrangements of classical music somewhat by chance. Fueled by the crazy idea of writing a full symphony, he chose to bypass the rock n roll lifestyle after 3 albums and constant world touring, and focus all of his energy on composing the classical way.


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