Spirited Neighborhood Eatery Where It’s all Good

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Spirited Neighborhood Eatery Where It’s all Good

A Spirited Neighborhood Eatery with Classic Cocktails and Elevated Comfort Food

Step into this spirited neighborhood eatery and you step back in time a bit. The General Public combines mom’s comfort food with a spirited speakeasy. When you come here you know you’ll get a warm welcome and wholesome food. Fact is, The General Public sources their ingredients as local as possible from suppliers they know personally. Providers they can trust to deliver fresh ingredients.

Owned by the Dallas-based gurus, FreeRange Concepts, The General Public knows how to deliver quality and they deliver very well. This elevated gastropub changes their menu based on ingredients of the season. This insures you get fresh, you get nutritious and you always get delicious at The General Public.

The cocktail list sounds a little retro here which gives it a speakeasy vibe. However fresh herbs and fruity elixirs make these yesteryear libations lively and new. A cocktail named the Four Thieves pulls you in instantly and satisfies immediately with a six year bourbon, blackberry, sage and lemon combination.

spirited neighborhood eatery

See how Steele makes the Four Thieves cocktail:

Sip this old-school cocktail while munching on some Crab Hushpuppies, a new addition to the menu. Filled with lump crabmeat, a slight heat of jalapeno and some maple butter to put out the fire, you know you are in good hands.

spirited neighborhood eatery

In addition, Uncle Josh’s Enchilada is a palate pleaser with the familiar flavors of Tex-Mex elevated a notch or two. Enchiladas made using beef picadillo ( rather than ground hamburger), fresh onion, green chile cream (not red gravy) muenster cheese & cilantro shouldn’t be passed up. You won’t forget them!

spirited neighborhood eatery

The Rusky Rose vodka based cocktail is vibrant as well as lovely. As a result of using fresh lemon juice and house grenadine this cocktail is fresh and colorful. Finally the cherry on top is actually a Luxardo Maraschino cherry on the bottom.

spirited neighborhood eatery

Recreate the the Rusky Rose:

Shrimp and Grits is a popular item in most restaurants today. This southern inspired dish has many variations. The General Public has a variant I am pretty sure you have never tried. The cauliflower “grits” allow for a healthier option in the dish. However the plate still has its familiarity due to green chile cream and rosemary grilled shrimp.

spirited neighborhood eatery

If you intend to linger for awhile at this spirited neighborhood eatery, I suggest you try the Brass Old-Fashion. Enjoy this golden beverage slow over conversation. This potent pour gives its recipient a nice glow combining Rebecca Creek Whiskey, Luxardo Marashino Liqueur, Cocchi Americano and bitters.

spirited neighborhood eatery

A nice filling plate of Crispy Quail and Scallion Pancakes make a great accompaniment for the Brass highball.  A generous portion of two quail and three pancakes will outlast the drink. You also get some sweet heat thanks to the chipotle syrup.

spirited neighborhood eatery

Want dessert? Birthday Cake Pops make a sweet, light ending to the meal. The rich, moist vanilla butter cake will wrap up this meal perfectly.

spirited neighborhood eatery

It seems like there is a rumor in the air about a weekend brunch starting soon. Many of the meals on the menu would make excellent brunch items. Add to that a fresh-squeezed mimosa at this spirited neighborhood eatery and I am ready to head back.


Location: 17619 La Cantera Pkwy, Ste 102, San Antonio, TX 78257

Phone:  (210) 920-1101


Mon-Thur | 11AM- 12AM
Fri | 11AM – 2AM
Sat | 10:30AM – 2AM
Sun | 10:30AM – 12AM


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