Chef Designed Pre-Portioned Meals Delivered to your Door

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Chef Designed Pre-Portioned Meals Delivered to your Door

Chef Designed Gourmet Meals you can Easily make at Home

How would you like to have a chef designed meal ready for cooking in your home tonight? So let’s say you see a meal in a magazine you would love to prepare. Wish you had someone to shop for the ingredients ? How about having the chef do practically all your prep work for you, then coaching you along the way? When you order pre-portioned meals from Chef’d, that’s exactly what you get.

Chef’d has teamed up with over 100 accomplished chefs and partners bringing you tasty pre-tested meals. Preparing meals is easy helping you get a delicious meal to the table quickly. With over 300 meal choices you will never get bored.

Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or a gourmet chef, Chef’d makes it easy for you to enjoy their delicious meals with their 3-tied skill levels. These meals make it easy for anyone to be a hero in their own kitchen. All ingredients (except salt, pepper, vegetable oil) are included in your meal package and everything is pre-portioned so there is practically no measuring required. Just chop some ingredients, then follow instructions on the recipe card. No more excuses for having a wonderful meal on the table quickly every night.

Simply go online, scroll through hundreds of meals and push a button. Delivery to your door is within 24-48 hours.

To help you find the perfect meal quickly, they break all meals down into categories likes; quick and easy, gourmet, lighter options or family friendly. Maybe you would like to build a meal plan around a certain diet restriction . You can do that too!

Just choose:

  • A plan like Tone it up Fresh or Weight Watchers
  • Number of persons you are cooking for
  • How many meals per week you need
  • Diet restrictions
  • Proteins

Based on your selections, Chef’d suggests meals for you.

I was excited to be asked to do a review of Chef’d. Having someone do my shopping for me is a dream of mine. I hate spending hours of my weekend meal-planning, shopping for ingredients and then cooking. I was so ready to try a new system.

First let me say the hardest part of the “Chef’d process” was choosing only a couple of chef designed meals. With so many beautiful pictures of scrumptious meals to choose from, it was very hard to make a decision. Options include, entrees, sides, desserts or breakfast dishes. I decided entrees would give me the best overall exposure of the whole program for this review. Besides, I don’t like having to come home after a long day of work and have to cook. I wanted to see if Chef’d could save me some time getting a delectable meal on the dinner table.

My meal choices were:

  • Chicken Marsala with Linguine and Roasted Broccoli with Goat Cheese – recipe by Kristina Kuzmic

chef designed chef designed chef designed

  • Pan Roasted Hanger Steak with Panzanella and Blue Cheese – recipe by Chris Santos

chef designed

  • Thai Ginger Chicken with Jasmine Rice – recipe from Allrecipes

chef designed chef designed

You can order any chef designed meal for either 2 or 4 people. Even though I do a lot of cooking and have mastered many gourmet dishes in my years spent in the kitchen, I chose all skill level 1 recipes. I love good food but I don’t like anything long or complicated to prepare at the end of the day.

Once I made my selection, the check out process was smooth and simple. And I received a tracking number as soon as the meals were shipped. The meals arrived two days after I placed the order. The big, heavy orange box arrived safe and sound. Everything was well insulated and very cold inside. I unpacked it immediately and checked ingredients and was happy to see the meats and produce were all very fresh. Meats were double packaged for safety from cross contamination. Each meal was well labeled and packaged in separated bags so I knew what ingredients went with what meal. The ingredients in each meal bag were also well labeled so everything was easily identifiable.

Accompanying each meal was a large, easy to read recipe card with a picture of the finished meal, and step-by-step instructions on preparation. The card also included the equipment needed to prepare the meal, things I would need from my pantry, cooking side notes and drink pairings for the meal. They also included the recipe credit/chef, estimated cooking time, allergens and spice level.

chef designed chef designed

I will also note that the recipe cards include the list of ingredients and their measurements so you can re-create the meal at another time if you liked it.

All three chef designed meals cooked up easily. I still had to chop veges, but that was easy enough. The steps for preparation were all in order which made organization easy. And I’m happy to say the finalized dish looked pretty much like the picture on the recipe card. The recipe card also had plating instructions to make the dish look picture worthy. I didn’t concern myself too much with presentation for just the family. If I was having guests for dinner, then I would have taken a little more time there.

I was surprised with how much food each meal provided. And my husband and I were both delighted with how good everything tasted. He kept asking, “Is this one of those box meals? It’s really good!”

As an added bonus, Chef’d also included a couple of bottles of sparkling SmartWater and some samples of Bolthouse Farms® salad dressings to try.

In conclusion, these chef designed meals were a snap to order, delivered fresh, easy to prepare and most of all very mouthwatering. I have already recommended Chef’d to several friends and will continue to do so. I will also not hesitate to order their meals again.

**Full Disclosure: I received product and/or cash in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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