Pullin Premium BBQ is a Hit on the Pit

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Pullin Premium BBQ is a Hit on the Pit

Pullin Premium BBQ Reigns Supreme on the Pit

Pullin Premium BBQ is the Queen of the pit in San Antonio. This savvy Pitmaster started dabbling in this smoke & fire trade as a stress reliever while working in the insurance business. In 1994-1995, while still living in Kansas City,  Kathy Pullin joined a team in the American Royal Open and realized she had a love of the pit and just maybe a knack for barbecuing.

For those of us who aren’t from Kansas City or familiar with the American Royal Open, this event is the World Series of Barbecue and has been holding competitions for 37 years. Pitmasters from around the world enter this competition in hopes of becoming the King or Queen of the pit. So this was a pretty big deal when Kathy jumped right in this contest with apron on and fork in hand. For the next several years she fine-tuned her skills, techniques and rubs finding just the right recipe for success. It seems after that contest Kathy was hooked and her stars aligned.  She quit her insurance job and took on grilling and barbecuing full time. Lucky for San Antonio, Kathy had also moved to this area.

Where can you try some Pullin Premium BBQ? Well, you have to hire Kathy to cater an event, or be lucky enough to be invited to an event she is catering. Kathy owns a BBQ food truck that does catering for different events around the area. Tell her what you are planning and for how many and she will help you plan a menu around your needs.

Pullin Premium BBQ the pits

You can expect some of the usual BBQ meats like brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage and pulled pork or she can even make a meat dish like Garlic Herb Smoked Prime Rib w/Herbed Butter if you want something a little more special. Appetizers may include stuffed jalapeno poppers, Candied Pork Belly Cubes or maybe some Chicken Diablos.

Pullin Premium BBQ

I was one of those lucky people who got to attend one of her catered events and try her cooking first hand. Now, I know I have talked about some good BBQ around the city, but Kathy’s dishes were beyond good. Everything I put in my mouth was better than the last thing I just tried. In other words, it just kept getting better and better. I actually thought the candied pork belly cubes were part of the main meal, but to my surprised delight (as well as the rest of the guests) this was “just” the appetizer. These candied bits of yum were “out of this world” delicious. And sprinkling a little bit of what Kathy referred to as “magic dust” on them was like the magic touch.

Pullin Premium BBQ

Kathy is not only the Queen of the grill here, but she is also a connoisseur of rubs. She makes all her own rubs and from listening to all the guests ooh and aah over this party spread, she has apparently done quite well at matching up the rub to the meat. I know I ate more than my share cause I just couldn’t put my fork down. I would also like to mention that Kathy only uses premium meats from Granzin’s Meat Market, an “old fashioned” meat market. Granzin’s slaughters their own hogs and cattle assuring buyers, like Kathy, are getting the freshest meat possible. This freshness shows in the final product which is another reason Kathy’s BBQ is beyond words good.

Pullin Premium BBQ Pullin Premium BBQ

Pullin Premium BBQ

The brisket has a nice bark on the outside making it juicy and tender on the inside.

Not only does Kathy BBQ all this excellent meat, she also furnishes all the sides. She has many choices to choose from that should fit any taste. She can do typical sides (hers are really not so typical using more of her seasonings and special recipes) like potato salad, Cole slaw and pinto beans on the grill. But you will also have selections like poblano pasta salad, green bean bundles or green chili cream corn. I tried the potato salad, poblano pasta salad and the green chili cream corn. I say this lady knows what she is doing! Good sides, good meat….OMG. She even had her version of marinated onions to compliment the meat.

Pullin Premium BBQ Pullin Premium BBQ Pullin Premium BBQ Pullin Premium BBQ

She furnished bottled sauce for the barbecue if you dared pouring some on that beautiful meat. Kathy uses only dry rub on her meats, no sauce. I suggest you try this meat before adding it. I am someone who doesn’t like much sauce on anything, if at all. I think you should only use it on something that has no flavor, but of course, that’s just my opinion.

Have an event to be catered? Give Pullin Premium BBQ a call today. She stays pretty busy, especially one weekends, so plan ahead!

Here are some of Kathy’s accolades:

  • 1994 – 1995 American Royal Open team participant
  • 2010 Geronimo VFW Cook off – Best in Show (final judges table brisket and ribs) (40 teams)
  • 2011 Geronimo VFW Cook off – 10th place cook’s choice (50 teams)
  • 2012 LaVernia BBQ COOKOFF BEST IN SHOW (final judges table on all categories (197 teams)
  • 2012 LULAC Hill Country State Championship 3rd place showmanship, 10th place brisket and ribs (175+ teams ), finals table
  • 2015 MAY 31st – Competed on Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network

Kathy also makes regular appearances on SA Living doing live cooking segments, catered several times for KJ97 at the San Antonio BBQ cook-off and has cooked for several musical artists and TV personalities.

**Full Disclosure: I received dinner in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Pullin Premium BBQ 


Phone: 210.363.1264



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