The Stylishly Cool Sukeban is having a Champagne Dinner

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The Stylishly Cool Sukeban is having a Champagne Dinner

The Stylishly Cool Sukeban Announces Omakase Champagne Dinner

The stylishly cool Sukeban is hosting its first ever Champagne wine dinner, featuring both vintage and non-vintage Champagnes from famed House of Taittinger, one of the greatest and most established names in the Champagne region. Omakase is the Japanese word for “I leave it up to you” referring to the sushi chef’s choices for this stunning 5-course dinner. In this 5-course dinner, each Champagne will be paired with modern Japanese fare, from tender wagyu beef to exquisite tunas and predator fish. Call to make reservations early for seats are limited and will sell out quickly.

Sukeban’s Champagne Dinner Menu:

1st course: Steamed Wagyu dumplings
2nd course: Octopus seaweed salad
3rd course: Delicate light flavored sashimi and nigiri
4th course: A selection of premium tunas and other predator fish
5th course: Fried green tea ice cream
When: Wednesday, September 28Time: 7 p.m.Tickets: $99, call for reservations at 210-562-3231

Location: 1420 S. Alamo St., Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78204

stylishly cool Sukeban

Sukeban, a stylish sushi and Champagne bar, offers an exciting new concept to the Blue Star Arts Complex in Southtown, San Antonio. Its sophisticated yet playful interior — complete with edgy Japanese anime murals and burnt pine partitions — is a perfect complement to its name, roughly translating to “boss girl” from the Japanese schoolgirl gang archetype. Its menu specializes in contemporary Japanese fare along with a carefully curated wine, bubbles and cocktail list. Owned by Gerry and Amonrat Shirley, successful and well-known San Antonio restaurateurs, the classy spot is a favorite new destination for both locals and tourists alike.

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