Seasons 52 – the First Choice for Every Season!

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Seasons 52 – the First Choice for Every Season!

At Seasons 52 Freshness is so Important they Change their Menu with the Seasons

Seasons 52 is devoted to serving only the freshest food available. How do they accomplish this? By changing the menu seasonally, always containing what’s fresh now. The menu is paired with an ever-changing international collection of more than 100 wines selected by one of their restaurant’s founders, Wine Master Domitian, with 52 available by the glass, along with artisanal spirits and craft beer.


Season 52 has two locations in Houston, one in the City Center and one on Westheimer, the one we went in the city center has been operating for three years with a friendly wait staff and hardworking chefs who strive and excel at meeting the challenges of the changing menu. There menu includes fresh grilled meats, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables with different menus for Lunch Dinner and even Sunday Brunch.


For this review my associate and I were invited to Sunday Brunch at Seasons 52 beginning at 10:00 am. The restaurant is classy with an elegant wooden look to it but a casual atmosphere making dining a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We started off with the Smoked Salmon Flatbread which was presented so nicely it was almost a shame to eat it! Thankfully we got over that because it tasted even better than it looked with generous portions of salmon on each pre-cut section.

seasons 52

If you order this dish defiantly share it with friends, else you eat it all yourself which would truly be a shame not to experience the rest of the Brunch menu. The first dish we were served is a customer favorite at Seasons 52, Lobster Eggs Benedict, and after one taste you can see why. The eggs where cooked to perfection and were fluffy and rich in flavor. The lobster was draped over to complement each bite of the eggs Benedict. Just to make sure you are filled up, this dish is served upon two fresh pieces of toasted bread with mushrooms and wilted spinach along with three small roasted potatoes. The potatoes are a particular favorite of mine and these not only were perfectly cooked but had actually been allowed to cool just enough so that it did not burn your mouth eating them. A good example of the chef’s expertise when it comes to timing in meal preparation.

seasons 52

The next plate put before us was Brioche French Toast topped with blueberries. This one we actually had to be told what it was because looking at it and then eating it you would have sworn you were eating bread pudding and not a flat piece of French toast. This French toast was soaked in a great tasting batter until it fluffed up to rival the eggs Benedict. The blueberries of course were fresh being in season, as the topping will change with what is in season and what best complements the fluffy Brioche French Toast which really made us wonder how dessert could top this but we will get to that later.

seasons 52

Then we came to the Vegetable Frittata, which is a mixture of roasted peppers, potatoes, eggs and aged cheddar served with a side of asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce. Which to my great surprise complemented one another very well even without the creamy Hollandaise Sauce. It was well prepared like all the other dishes served and when combined with the Hollandaise Sauce even richer than before. It is a smaller plate then some of the others served but it packs a lot of taste that you will saver every bite of.

seasons 52

The final dish we were served was called Shakshuka which honestly I have never heard of before. This dish contained fresh eggs that were baked in a sauce of sweet peppers, tomatoes, chorizo and crumbled bits of feta. My associate knew more about this dish then I did and what is particularly impressive was how the chefs were able to bake this without having the peppers over power the other ingredients to the point that you couldn’t even taste them. This Shakshuka backed everything evenly allowing you to taste every fresh ingredient that made up this spectacular dish.

seasons 52

Of course this wouldn’t be much of a meal without something to wash it down with. We were offered a mimosa which is traditional with brunch, and based on their very selective wine list would have probably been delicious, we decided to try their non-alcoholic drinks. Their drinks like their food are seasonal to include Fresca Watermelon and the Raspberry Sparkling Lemonade. Both were delicious and boasting the great taste of watermelon and raspberry. The only thing that had a better watermelon taste than the Watermelon Fresca at Seasons 52 was the actual slice of watermelon they bring with it.

seasons 52

seasons 52

Any of the dishes that I have described alone are more than enough to fill the most rambunctious of eaters. After eating as much as we could of the four dishes we set to leave, however, the waiter would not hear of it! When we asked him why he simply stated, “If I let you leave without trying our desserts you will never forgive me”. We were sure glad he stopped us as he brought out a tray of various dessert parfaits.

seasons 52

This was the real dilemma, trying to pick which one to have, they offered us as many as we wanted but we were too full for more than one. Finally, we made our selections, I chose the Belgian Chocolate S’more while my associate went with the Mocha Macchiato. The Belgian Chocolate was a chocolate lovers dream come true consisting of chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, s’more, and a chocolate dipped gram cracker. Do I even need to say it was delicious at this point? I have tasted chocolate mousse from France and it was not as rich as this, yet not so chocolatey that the flavor overwhelmed the senses. The Mocha was more diverse with a mix of both vanilla and chocolate mousse, caramel sauce atop chocolate cake. It too was delicious with the mousse and the cake complementing each other perfectly. The cake was so light and fluffy you could eat it with a spoon.

seasons 52

seasons 52

Seasons 52 restaurant lives by freshness! Their food, their menus and even their name are all a testimony to their devotion to serving only the freshest of food in their dishes. If you want great food that may make all other food pale in comparison I highly recommend visiting either Seasons 52 location. Because no matter which you choose to go to you will be greeted with friendly service and the freshest and most well prepared food you have ever had. If you have never tried Sunday brunch before defiantly go here to find out how it is supposed to taste you will be glad you did!


**Full Disclosure: I received brunch in exchange for my review. All opinions in this post are mine.



842 W Sam Houston parkway North Houston TX, 77024

4410 Westheimer Rd. Houston TX, 77027

Phone: 713-464-5252 713-621-5452

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 11 am – 10 am

Sunday 10 am – 9 pm


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