Labor Day Grilling Recipes Should Include Beef

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Labor Day Grilling Recipes Should Include Beef

Labor Day Grilling Recipes Should Always Include Texas Beef

Labor Day grilling is a big thing in Texas. This holiday, one of the last before the cooler Fall weather starts to blow in, Texans like to celebrate by getting outside and grilling some beef.

Grilling is one of the easiest, healthiest and most delicious ways to prepare beef, and using this Steak Lover’s Signature Rub adds serious flavor to steaks, without the added calories. And for those readers without grills, they can try one of my personal favorites and easily broil Texas Beef Council’s Hoisin BBQ Steak-On-a-StickWith Pineapple Salsa packed with the perfect blend of sweet and savory.

Labor Day grilling


1-1/4 pounds beef Top Sirloin Steak Boneless, cut 1 inch thick
1/3 cup ketchup
2 tablespoons hoisin sauce
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
Salt (optional)
1 cup diced fresh pineapple
1/2 cup diced red bell pepper
1/2 cup diced hothouse cucumber
2 teaspoons rice vinegar (optional)
Combine Pineapple Salsa ingredients in small bowl. Set aside.
Combine ketchup and hoisin sauce in another small bowl; set aside. Cut beef steak into 1-inch pieces. Thread beef pieces evenly onto four 10 to 12-inch metal skewers. Season kabobs evenly with pepper.
Place kabobs on rack in broiler pan so surface of beef is 3 to 4 inches from heat. Brush beef generously with some of reserved sauce mixture. Broil 7 to 9 minutes for medium rare (145°F) to medium (160°F) doneness, turning once and brushing with remaining sauce mixture. Season beef with salt, if desired. Serve kabobs topped with Pineapple Salsa.



Labor Day grilling

2.5 Tbsp. chile powder
2 Tbsp. ground coffee
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 Tbsp. paprika
1.5 tsp. oregano leaves
2 tsp. minced garlic, dried
2 tsp. medium ground black pepper
1.5 tsp. coriander
1.5 tsp. dry mustard
1 tsp. ground ginger
2 Tbsp. Kosher salt

Mix ingredients in a bowl. Use for seasoning your favorite beefsteaks.

Store in an airtight container up to 6 months
Tested with strip steak using 3 tsp. seasoning for one steak cooked on a gas grill. Tested as well with a strip steak, same amount of seasoning using the oven method. Sear on stove top in cast iron skillet, finish in the oven at 400°F degrees.

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