Astral Catering is Houston’s Catering Gurus

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Astral Catering is Houston’s Catering Gurus

Astral Catering Offers Restaurant Quality Food Brought to your Doorstep

Extravagant yet affordable is the principle that a Russian couple founded Astral catering on ten years ago. They pride themselves on providing both a fine dining experience to a casual evening dinner with a diversity of dishes. Along with great food they offer specialized dessert bars and several appetizers and pride themselves on the full service provided by their well-seasoned staff to make your catering experience the best you have ever had.
Priding themselves on creating the best dining service you have ever had they are more than willing to personalize the menu for your taste. For our experience we were invited to a catering hall where we sampled favorites and specialties off their menu. It was started with appetizers which they have a large menu for but the simplest was one of the best bite size grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup served like a cocktail. Although simplistic you could tell that the appetizer was given no less attention the main courses.
Astral Catering
The samples they set out were a good variety of meats and vegetables. At the start of the meal they told us the portions were smaller because of this, but if these portions are their idea of small then the full size meal could probably feed you for a week! The meat selection included beef tenderloin, pork, and a fan favorite Lana’s Chicken, which was the best praised dish at the event. The beef tenderloin was well cooked and extremely tender.
Astral Catering
The pork had a nice salty flavor to it, it was prepared very well so that it was not so tough that you needed a butcher’s knife just to cut a small piece.
Astral Catering
Another dish that I was particularly fond of, because even high class restaurants can overcook this dish, was the salmon. It was of course a sample piece but it was delicious and did not have that dry taste that comes from being overcooked, which is difficult especially when cooking several pieces at once for a large party.
Astral Catering
Next we moved onto the vegetables, they had three different varieties to choose from including green beans almondine vegetable medley which were all well received by the guests but my favorite were the Tuscan Vegetables. This side has always been one of my favorites consisting of roasted rosemary potatoes cooked with olive oil and chopped garlic. This is another dish that is easy to dry out by overcooking, but once again the chefs of Astral Catering proved their worth.
Astral Catering
There were plenty of Entrees and even special requests could be made at this sampling but what is dinner without dessert? For desserts Astral Catering likes to put dessert bars together again changing to the specific taste of their employer. For the sampling we were treated with a Bananas Foster Station. They made our dessert right in front of us as we ordered them. Caramelizing the sliced bananas in brandy and brown sugar which was drizzled over homemade vanilla ice cream served in a martini glass. It is a great dessert with the ice cream and brown sugar bananas complementing each other perfectly. The portion was smaller, which is a good thing, because the cooked bananas will melt the ice cream so it should be eaten quickly.
Astral Catering
If you have a large event, party or even need to suggest a catering service for your office Astral Catering has earned its reputation. Their food is prepared by well-seasoned chefs and they will cater to whatever needs or tastes your event requires whether it be extravagant or vegetarian. So if you are ever invited to a party catered by Astral I highly suggest you go, the food will be great even if the party is not.
**Full Disclosure: I received dinner in exchange for my review. All opinions in this post are mine.
Location: 8225 Cantrell St. Houston, TX 77074
Phone: 281-407-5621
Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 8 am – 2 am

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