Cesari Amarone – Next Great Wine on the Tip of Your Tongue

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Cesari Amarone – Next Great Wine on the Tip of Your Tongue

Cesari Amarone – Could it be the New Rosé

Cesari Amarone, a fine wine from the Verona area of Italy, could soon be the new trendy wine for wine aficionados. In the summer of 2013, rosé suddenly became so popular, the Hamptons literally ran out of it. It was a warning shot for a new kind of wine market, where traditional buying patterns were suddenly slaved to the “trend-effects” of a more influential breed of consumer.

Cesari Amarone

Wines outside the staple varietals (cab, pinot, chard, etc.) are now bracing for increased market share, as they exploit their authenticity with consumers, who are searching for something their friends haven’t tried. One label that ticks all the boxes is Cesari, an eighty-year producer of Amarone from the Valpolicella region. Across the whole varietal, the US is now the fourth biggest importer of Amarone in the world (11%). But, over the next three years, the United States is projected to reach the second highest import amount (behind Germany) at 16% of global consumption, which is a surge of 50%!

The reason for it’s new found popularity is clear, it’s got the history and the ritual of the appassimento technique (drying of the grapes), but a smokey counter-punch to the tyranny of Cabernet. It’s new to American palettes and rapidly growing among foodies, newcomers and aficionados alike.

Cesari Amarone

Cesari Vineyard of Verona, one of the finest Vineyards of the Valpolicella region is celebrating 80 years of producing some of Italy’s greatest wines this year.

By the end of 2016, this is going to be the year of Amarone!

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