5 Reasons Perfect Fit Meals are a Good Choice

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5 Reasons Perfect Fit Meals are a Good Choice

5 Reasons Perfect Fit Meals are Perfect for People On-The-Go

Here are the 5 reasons Perfect Fit Meals are perfect for me. I eat out a lot. After all, eating out is my job! I go to restaurants 3-4 times a week eating all types of food and then telling people all about them. But when I’m not on the job, I’m also cooking at home. I do my best to cook healthy and use local ingredients when we eat in, but sometimes I just don’t have time to cook or, quite simply, I don’t feel like cooking.

I also do product reviews, mostly foods or products related to foods and cooking. And I have been asked to do reviews on several pre-prepared meals and meal delivery services.

Recently the people at Perfect Fit Meals asked if I would be interested in doing a review on several of their meals. Since I am always looking for the next great thing and a quick way to cook nutritious meals, I said yes. Perfect Fit Meals is a pre-prepared meal company based in Houston, Texas whose products are now available in the refrigerator section of many local grocery stores including my local HEB store. I like that I can buy their meals locally, in the same store I do most of my shopping in and that Perfect Fit Meals have a good selection of meals to choose from.

Here are the 5 reasons Perfect Fit Meals are a fit for me:

  1. They are an easy and convenient way to eat healthy when I don’t feel like cooking. They are fresh not frozen and they have options that work for both lunch and dinner. So if you really don’t like to cook, you can pick up a complete day or week of meals. Great option for lunch at the office! And you don’t have to go to a separate store to pick them up as I mentioned earlier.
  2. They are designed by dietitians so they are simple, wholesome ingredients combined for a balanced meal. These meals are lean, hormone free proteins, low glycemic carbs, and high fiber vegetables. Add a salad and you have an awesome lunch or dinner.
  3. Their Good+Clean campaign. This means they have made a commitment to their customers to have none of the ingredients listed here in their meals or in the ingredients that go in their meals. It also means they use ingredients like full fat cheese and uncured bacon which increase the flavor and goodness of each meal.
  4. If you are watching your caloric intake, these meals are great to help you stay on track. Each meal averages 330 calories of portion controlled goodness. They are lower in sodium, fats and carbs and each meal will give you the nutrition information on the front label so you know exactly what you are eating. They are also USDA inspected and contain no trans fat. They add just enough natural preservatives as needed to keep the meal fresh. And both their container and film are BPA free, so microwave away.
  5. And the last reason I like Perfect Fit Meals is because they actually taste good. They use foods that have a lot of natural flavor on their own and add a small amount of spices and herbs just to enhance the natural flavor.

Here is a list of the meals I tried and my review of each of them:

  • Chipotle Chicken Sausage – Being a company in Houston, you would expect a little something with Cajun influence, and this one hit the mark. The chicken sausage with red beans and brown rice packed a punch both in whole food and in spiciness. If you can’t take heat, this isn’t for you. But it was a very tasteful meal with onions, peppers, celery all in a flavorful broth. There was both a good amount of sausage and brown rice to fill you up.

5 reasons perfect fit meals 5 reasons perfect fit meals

  • Roasted Pork Loin – I liked this for a dinner option with a salad. The Pork Loin was a big portion with at least six slices of meat which was tender and savory and served with a cranberry apple chutney all on top of a wild rice pilaf. This dish reminded me of fall and the holidays.

5 reasons perfect fit meals 5 reasons perfect fit meals

  • Coconut Chicken – The chicken had been marinated in coconut milk which kept it tender and juicy while giving it a nice coconut aroma. The sugar snap peas were a little soggy but probably because I cooked the meal a little too long. The basmati rice was flavored with fresh cilantro, lime juice and other spices and was very good.

5 reasons perfect fit meals 5 reasons perfect fit meals

  • Herb Crusted Chicken -This sliced herb roasted chicken was my personal favorite of the four meals I tried. There was so much flavor from the creamy Provolone uncured bacon sauce and the herbs on the chicken that this dish really wowed me. It came with a side of french green beans which were cooked just right and rosemary roasted red potatoes that were wonderful. There was plenty of this moist chicken and a generous serving of sides to fill me up.

5 reasons perfect fit meals 5 reasons perfect fit meals

The Perfect Fit Meals sell for around $6.79 – $7.99.

Perfect Fit Meals has a coupon code for you to use to get a savings of $1.50 off any purchase of their meals. This coupon code is for use in the app Ibotta, ibotta.com. When you sign up for Ibotta just input the referral code “perfectfit4” and then start shopping for great meals at a savings.

5 reasons perfect fit meals

These are the 5 reasons Perfect Fit Meals are a fit for me. Now you give them a try and see what you think!

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are totally mine.

Location: The company location is 10370 Richmond Ave., Suite 1300, Houston, TX 77042. Use the Perfect Fit Meals store locator to find a retail store near you.

Phone: 281.953.3200


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