Pink is the New Black at Little Black Dress Wines

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Pink is the New Black at Little Black Dress Wines


According to Excelsior Wine Company Pink is the new Black. The company is excited to introduce the newest addition to the Little Black Dress (LBD) Wines portfolio, LBD Rosé. Bursting with juicy flavors of ripe berries and just a dash of sweetness with a dazzling clean finish, LBD Rosé is Pure Pink Satisfaction.

On the heels of the debut of LBD Wines’ new modern, refined packaging, the brand offers a refreshingly effervescent and flavorful rosé that seamlessly complements the growing LBD Wines collection. Crafted by winemaker Margaret Leonardi at the brand’s winery in Mendocino Country, CA, LBD Rosé is 54% Gewurztraminer, 23% Muscat, 14% Chardonnay, 5% Zinfandel, and 4% other complementary white varietals.

“With Rosé sales up 36% year to date* and 50% of all Rosé wine sales in the $8-$15 range,” said Marc Goodrich, President of Excelsior Wine Company, parent company of Little Black Dress Wines, “LBD Rosé couldn’t be a more perfect introduction at this time to the LBD Wines portfolio.”

Pink is the New Black

Winemaker, Margaret Leonardi

At 12.5% ABV, the Rosé is a delightful accompaniment to light summer dishes, especially salads, fish, grilled meats, and fresh cheese, or enjoyed by itself as a cocktail. Vivid, salmon-pink in color, this wine takes center stage with show stopping aromas of strawberry and grapefruit. For those who believe that confidence turns heads, sophistication is the rule, and a good bottle of wine is the best accessory, LBD Wines are the perfect fit for every palate.

Pink is the New Black

LBD Rosé is available throughout the United States through Excelsior Wine Company at an SRP of $11.99. To find LBD Rosé near you, visit

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