Volvo XC60 – 5 Reasons You Will Fall in Love With It

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Volvo XC60 – 5 Reasons You Will Fall in Love With It

Volvo XC60 has Luxury, Power, Safety, Comfort and Space all in One Vehicle

Test Driving the Volvo XC60 T6 Drive -E was a great way to be able to try out a car that I have been wanting to drive for years. (Actually I just wanted to drive any Volvo, but getting to drive the XC60 was an added bonus.) I was first introduced to the Volvo automobile back in the 60’s by a Swedish exchange student who was living with my family. In a small town in south Texas you didn’t see many foreign cars, so at the time, I didn’t even know the Volvo existed.

Since then I have always wanted to drive a Volvo but for some reason I never had. Given the opportunity, I jumped on it.

The first thing I noticed about the Volvo XC60 was how pretty it was. This luxury crossover SUV had a very stylish appearance on the outside. I always felt the older designs were a bit boxy looking, but the design of this SUV was really classy. The panoramic roof, 19″ diamond cut alloy wheels and a beautiful grey metallic color really added to the exterior appeal.

Volvo XC60

And it certainly looks sleek and stylish inside as well which flaunts its Swedish roots. The luxury contour seats with plush leather upholstery are both comfortable and supportive and the 8-position power front seats with power lumbar support are a big plus when driving long distances. This model also has a sporty leather wrapped stick shift, walnut wood inlay, and two tone interior all carrying through with the luxury look.

Volvo XC60

The 2016 Volvo XC60 T6 Drive-E comes with a turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine good for 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. My husband really liked that! I know I liked the acceleration power it had when passing another car or entering the freeway. That has a sense of giving one power. At least it did for me. I was impressed with the  eight-speed automatic transmission with quick shift. This model also gets pretty decent MPG numbers (22 MPG combined) compared with other autos in this class.

Safety is pretty fancy here too with standard low-speed forward collision warning, whip lash protection for front seats, lane departure warning and a security system with a back up battery for the siren. The Volvo XC60 got a top 5-star rating on government crash tests for both front and side crash protection. It also received superior rating for its frontal crash protection technology. The rear parking sensors are always a plus too.

There are also a few features I found interesting for different reasons. The built-in pop-up back seat child booster seats are a big plus for young families or anyone carrying small children. These boosters are easy to pop-up when needed and fold away when not needed. Although it helps with fuel efficiency, the automatic stop-start system which shuts the engine off when you come to a stop was a little annoying (not to mention causing my heart to skip a beat the first couple of times it happened). The auto dim rear view mirror was also a little annoying at first. Maybe because it was raining most of the time I was driving this vehicle, but it always seemed too dark. The heated windshield wiper nozzles I found to be a little funny (probably because in San Antonio it rarely gets below freezing). I’m sure they are a great feature in much colder climates like Minnesota and Sweden. The console buttons and knobs have a bit of a learning curve and the navigation system was a little trying to say the least. I never did uncover the secret to entering an address into the system. Also I felt the Nav screen was smaller than many cars I’ve driven. It was nice to have a button on the key FOB that opened the tailgate. However you had to push a button on the tailgate to get it to close. Minor I know, but with a luxury car I would have liked it to close from the FOB as well. Much easier!

All said, this car had a ton of great features that made it a comfortable ride as well as easy and fun to drive!

Volvo XC60

Child booster seat down

Volvo XC60

Child booster seat up

For a smaller SUV the Volvo XC60 has a lot of interior space. Both front and back seat areas have good leg room and the rear seat has enough space for three adults to sit comfortably. There is also plenty of room in the cargo for a full set of golf clubs with space to spare. In fact, several sets would fit back there nicely. After the weather cleared up, I took the car out to the Hyatt Hill Country Resort for a round of golf with friends and this sleek luxury car stood out in the beautiful surroundings at the Hyatt Golf Club.

2016-06-07 17.16.49 2016-06-03 13.29.33


Watch the video filmed at the beautiful Hyatt Hill Country Resort Golf Club in San Antonio!

For more information on the Volvo XC60 go here!


**Full Disclosure: I was given the Volvo XC60 T6 Drive -E to test drive for a week in exchange for a review. All opinions are totally my own.

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