Legendary Sunshine – Clear Your Head, Jump Start Your Day

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Legendary Sunshine – Clear Your Head, Jump Start Your Day

Early Riser

Legendary Sunshine is a Pick-Me-Up of Good Energy


You know you have had those days. You are working on a project and you can’t quite wrap your head around it. Can’t quite focus on what you need to do next. For me it usually happens at 2 or 3 o’clock and my mind kind of pauses and the ideas don’t want to flow. I feel I need a little something to clear the fog and help me get back on track. Not really a bolt of lightening to make me want to run a marathon. Just something to clear my head so I can be productive and finish out the day.


I don’t want something with tons of caffeine or sugar. My preference is going as natural as possible. Legendary Sunshine drink is a perfect fit for me. It’s considered an energy drink but it’s not an energy drink on steroids. With only 50 mg of caffeine, lightly sweetened with Stevia, not high fructose corn syrup, and ginger root extract, this drink gives me a healthy refreshing bump. Electrolytes to quench my thirst and an added boost from vitamin B-12, my body and mind are able to “wake back up” allowing me to finish my day’s projects but not keep me wired all night. And the real ginger extract in Legendary Sunshine helped settle my stomach after a stressful day.


Sunshine on the rocks

The refreshing clean taste of Legendary Sunshine makes it a good mixer in cocktails too. It’s ginger flavor makes it really great with fruity drinks. And with it’s low caffeine, it will give you a nice lift during the after work social hour.

An 8.4 fl oz of Sunshine is just 60 calories, has no artificial flavors, low caffeine, and no high fructose corn syrup.

Below I have included a few easy cocktail recipes to try your hand at Legendary Sunshine mixology. Its ginger-berry flavor and light effervescence made it a perfect mixer with most liquors and even beer. You can also watch this quick The CharlieDay cocktail demo on Instagram.


Ginger Martini


1 3/4 oz Vodka

1 3/4 oz Legendary Sunshine

1 Tb muddled ginger

3/4 oz lime juice

Slice of lime and ginger for garnish

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake for 20-30 seconds. Pour strained mixture into a cocktail glass. Garnish rim with a slice of ginger and drop lime slice into glass.


Sunny Zinger

Recipe from Legendary Sunshine


1 3/4 oz Vodka

3/4 oz lemon juice

3/4 oz simple syrup

muddled cucumber slice and about 1 Tbs ginger

Legendary Sunshine

Cucumber wheel for garnish

Mix first four ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake for 20-30 seconds. Fill a Tom Collins glass with ice. Pour strained mixture over ice and fill with Legendary Sunshine. Garnish rim with cucumber wheel.


Early Riser (Sunshine Bourbon Mint Julip)

Recipe from Legendary Sunshine


2 large fresh peach slices

10 mint sprigs

1 oz simple syrup

2 1/2 oz bourbon

Mint sprig and confectioners sugar for garnish


Muddle peaches and mint in a cocktail shaker. add next 2 ingredients and shake 20-30 seconds. Fill old fashioned glass with crushed ice. Pour strained mixture over ice and fill with Legendary Sunshine. Garnish rim with a mint sprig and a sprinkle of confectioners sugar.

Legendary Sunshine is available to nationwide customers on Amazon. In addition, they are available in stores around the Southeast, and other states including NY, IN, and soon others out west.


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