South American Cuisine Spice Up Downtown Dallas

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South American Cuisine Spice Up Downtown Dallas

The pair behind Joyce and Gigi’s Kitchen are bringing secrets to the table!

As I move forward in my culinary adventures, I find that family owned and operated restaurants hold a special place in my heart shaped stomach. There’s just something so welcoming about a family’s passion to bring authentic cuisine and maintain success in an unfamiliar market. This is exactly what I found when visiting Joyce and Gigi’s Kitchen.

When I experience new flavors my enthusiasm is uncontrollable, especially when booze is involved! For example, the signature cocktail is G’s Punch consisting of Jim Beam Bourbon, peach, cinnamon, orange, and Angostura bitters. But wait, there’s more! The syrup used is a mixture of molasses, dehydrated peaches, and burnt sugar. How impressive, right?!

G's Punch
Is there anything better than warm bread delivered to your table? I think not! At Joyce and Gigi’s, you aren’t getting some plain loaf. Instead you will be served homemade Mint Bread with a chimichurri butter made fresh daily! You can even purchase an entire loaf for $5.50, with butter, $8.50.
Being named by The Dallas Observer as, “The Girls from Empanada”, it’s no surprise that the Empanada Trio will knock your socks off. With one of each: secret cheese blend, duck, and beef all topped with a locoto (a South American pepper) aioli, there is surely one you’ll absolutely love. My favorite was the duck! And about these secrets…. they even concoct their own secret spice blend that is used in many of their dishes.
If you’re feeling something more on the indulgent side definitely go for the Choc G’s Cake. Sweet chocolate cheesecake infused with cayenne pepper over a dried cherry sauce. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of heat the cayenne brings to a delicate chocolate dessert. I’d advise you to take a second piece home! You will want more!
Choc G's Cake

Joyce and Gig’s also offers an assortment of fresh squeezed juices such as mango, papaya, and passion fruit. Don’t forget to stop by for happy hour Mon-Tues and Thurs from 5-7 and Weds 5-10 for ½ price apps, signature cocktails, and select wines!

**Full Disclosure: I received dinner in exchange for my review. All opinions in this post are mine.

Location: 1623 N. Hall St, Dallas 75204

Phone: 469-334-0799

Hours: Mon-Thurs 5-10pm, Fri-Sat 5-11pm, Sun Closed

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