Little Car with a Whole Lotta Soul

Tuesday 22nd, March 2016 / 11:32 Written by
Little Car with a Whole Lotta Soul

Fun Car to Drive for My Birthday Week


An inferno red car with panoramic sunroof and Sirus XM and I’m off for a fun ride in the beautiful Texas Hill Country for my birthday. Even the Red Poppies blooming along the side of the road seemed to be in sync. The 2016 Kia Soul does have a smooth comfortable ride and the responsive steering makes this car easy to drive. Even on wet roads this car handled well.

The first thing I noticed about the Kia Soul is that I can easily park it just about anywhere. It’s compact size was meant for tight city parking spaces and since I had appointments downtown I could really appreciate this.

Not only does this car come in many bright colors but it has a nice price tag and is fuel efficient for budget minded folks. The standard cruise control and the Kia trip computer also help with fuel efficiency.

2016-03-08 18.17.00 2016-03-08 18.16.01

This small hatchback still comes with some nice standard Kia features. The iconic boxy shape actually gives you more space for cargo and passengers than other hatchbacks. But even though it’s a kooky looking car on the outside which I feel appeals to a younger generation, the interior offers a more classic, comfortable styling that appeals to grown-ups. Leather wrapped steering wheel and gearshift know, power adjust drivers seat, leather seats with heated seats throughout, (ventilated front), steering wheel mounted audio controls all make this a comfy car inside.

2016-03-08 18.13.16

2016-03-08 18.15.37

The panoramic sun roof gives the inside a spacey feel even though the back seat felt a little tight. The back seats do fold down easily giving you added cargo space when needed. I did find the interior noise a little high but this might be normal on a smaller vehicle.

2016-03-08 18.13.42

Safety in a smaller car is a big concern for me, but this car actually get an all around 5 star safety rating except in rollover resistance which still  got a 4 star. And with a total of 6 airbags and four-wheel disc brakes, this car is packing some good safety features. Front collision and lane-departure warning systems aren’t standard but can be added.

**Full Disclosure: I was invited to test drive this car for a review. All opinions are my own.

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