Cheers to Craft Beers & Micro-Breweries

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Cheers to Craft Beers & Micro-Breweries

Craft Beers Have Taken the Nation by Storm

Enjoy Exceptional Craft Beers from the Country’s Best, Small, Independent Brewers


When I walk into my local grocery or liquor store, I notice not just many aisles of spirits and wines but a large section dedicated to craft beer. Only a few years ago the beer section consisted of just a handful of craft beers. That’s just not the case any more.

Now there are lagers, ales, porters, stouts and many more from every corner of the US. In fact I have been asked to review new crafts at the local, state and even national level. The craft beer market is huge and growing every day. Fact: the craft beer industry is bigger in the US than any other country. So how does a beer lover even start to choose from this wall of beer? Luckily there are places that sell individual beers so you don’t have to buy a six-pack. This way you can try a particular brew before you buy a bunch. Unfortunately not all bottles are sold one at a time and many local stores focus only on local products. This is a shame because with such a large industry you won’t likely hear about many great brews from other areas much less see them at your local stores.

For someone who really wants to try award-winning beers from Alaska to Rhode Island and all points in between, you should opt for joining a beer club that focuses on finding the best craft brews and micro-breweries around the country.  The Original Craft Beer Club is just that club. Their buyers search high and low for the best of the best. They sample literally hundreds of craft and micro-brews from porters and ales to stouts and IPA, looking for the cream of the crop from every state.


So when you sign up for their club, what do you get? With every Craft Beer Club purchase you receive a free 1- year subscription to The Beer Connoisseur web magazine. (New Ongoing Memberships & New Gift recipients receive up to 3 more bonus gifts with their first shipment.)*

  • With the 12 pack subscription, you get 3 12-oz bottles each of four different styles of some of the best American beer from all over the US delivered right to your doorstep. That is 12 12-oz bottles in a shipment featuring two different styles each from two great breweries. Three bottles of each brew is just enough to decide whether you like it and not too many to get stuck with in case you don’t. But because these brews are the best of the best, you are going to want to share them with your beer loving friends.
  • You will also get the “Micro Brew News” newsletter which tells about each brew you just received, about the breweries that brewed them, a recipe for pairing with the beer and some interesting beer facts to bring you up to speed as a beer connoisseur. With their help, you will be talking like a brewmaster in record time. Go ahead, impress your friends at the next beer bash.


  • With your shipment you will also receive a set of four awesome tasting glasses and a very cool bottle opener. Now you can call some friends over and set up a tasting like the pros and actually talk like you have been doing this for many years. Be sure to cook up the recipe suggested for your new brew and make it a real  party.
  • The Original Craft Beer Club will also include a personal note card with the shipment welcoming you to the club.

The Craft Beer Club has two package options. 12 12-oz bottles (3 each of 4 different styles from two featured breweries) or 24 12-oz bottles (6 each of 4 different styles from two featured breweries). They offer monthly, every-other-month and quarterly shipment frequency to fit your needs.

My shipment today included:


The Bayfront Blonde & the Mad Anthony’s both from Erie Brewing Company in Erie, Pennsylvania and the Ad Astra Ale & Oatmeal Stout both from Free State Brewing Company in Lawrence, Kansas. The Bayfront Blonde is a Blonde Style Ale with bright, citrusy flavors and a pleasant, honey-sweet finish and the Mad Anthony’s is an American Pale Ale boasting the perfect balance of malt and hop flavor. The Ad Astra Ale is an Altbier balancing complex malt flavors with subtle herbal hop additions while the Oatmeal Stout is well, an Oatmeal Stout rich with flavors of chocolate, caramel, coffee and vanilla.

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The Original Craft Beer Club makes a great gift for your beer loving friends too. *With the gift of three months they will get not only 12 exceptional beers per month (you can also choose the 24 bottle package) but a really cool bottle opener and The Beer Connoisseur Web Magazine. A gift of six months gets them four beer tasting glasses plus the items in the three month gift. They are going to give you a hug for this!

So what are you waiting for? Sign yourself up for the club and get ready for some great brews to start arriving. And while you are at it, sign up a friend or two so they can get the same great beer without having to steal yours! There is no membership fee, no obligation to continue, the shipping is always free and you may cancel anytime for any reason. What are you waiting for?

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are totally mine.

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