Leprechaun Approved Cocktails

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Leprechaun Approved Cocktails

Shamrock Shaker cocktail

A Few UV Cocktails that Just May Bring You the “Luck of the Irish”


This St. Patrick’s Day, let your inner leprechaun out and spread the Irish spirit by throwing on your best green outfit and checking out the nearest parade. To top it off, make sure to enjoy some holiday inspired 10134d53-3270-451f-b989-8d5d62b5e7bdcocktails from UV Vodka, guaranteed to be your pot of gold this St. Patty’s Day!


UV Vodka offers a diverse portfolio of over 20 fun, colorful flavored vodkas. Made with all natural flavors and distilled four times to ensure maximum mixability and great taste, UV Vodka is perfect to celebrate the luck of the Irish!



UV Vodka’s St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails 


Shamrock Shaker

1 part UV Apple

1 part lime juice

1 part simple syrup

Splash of club soda

Add lime juice, simple syrup and UV Apple into a shaker filled with ice and shake well. Strain and pour into a highball glass, and add a splash of club soda.


Lucky Spritz


1 part UV Vodka

1 part sour mix

1 part lemon-lime soda

Shake with ice and strain into a lowball glass. 


Leprechaun Punch

sangria punch

1 part UV Sangria

3 parts lemon-lime soda

Serve in a glass with ice & sliced fruit, or add ingredients to a pitcher or punch bowl.

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