San Antonio’s Downtown East Side Takes it Up a Notch with New Shops

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San Antonio’s Downtown East Side Takes it Up a Notch with New Shops

Locally Owned Specialty Coffee Shop & Quality Goods Store To Open on San Antonio’s East Side



Two local San Antonio entrepreneurs will soon open a shared space on the city’s downtown east side, which will encompass both a coffee roasting facility with coffee bar, as well as a boutique specialty food and spice supply shop.

The 1,200 square foot space located at 1320 E. Houston St., #101 is currently undergoing complete renovation from a vacant retail space into a vibrant interactive space for lover’s of both coffee, and artisan/small batch food and drink provisions. The space will include a roasting station with coffee bar, and quality goods display with unique spices, salts and small batch cocktail mixers. There will also be both indoor and outdoor table seating.

Estate Coffee Company, which is owned and operated by coffee roaster Brian Labarbera, will focus its portion of the space on educating the public not only about the roasting process, but also about where the coffee comes from.


“Guests will have the opportunity to watch the roasting process right in from of them, while learning about the farmers we work with to produce our incredible coffees,” says Brian.

Estate Coffee Bags

Oak & Salt is a boutique retailer highlighting artisan and small batch food and drink provisions. It is independently owned by classically trained chef, Ben Annotti, and committed to sourcing unique goods from creative makers around the globe.


Olive Oil by Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company

Their portion of the space will encompass a product display where guests can purchase unique salts, oils, cocktail mixers, and more. There will also be a work station, where guests can watch Ben as he develops his own mix of products.

Cocktail Syrup

“I envision a very open and clean space, where people can learn exactly where our unique ingredients come from, and how to incorporate those products in their own food and drink,” says Ben.

Both companies bring forth a “farm to market” feel in coffee and quality goods. Together, they plan to create a transparent environment where guests can see the process in motion, learn about the product’s origins, and hang out with a delicious cup of joe.

Brian and Ben have not yet announced the exact date of their Grand Opening, but say we can expect to see the doors open in the next month or so.


Oak & Salt Quality Goods
Ben Annotti, Founder & CEO

Estate Coffee Company
Brian Labarbera, Founder

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