Majestic Massage – A Great Place to Give & Get a Massage

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Majestic Massage – A Great Place to Give & Get a Massage

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This Caring, Experienced & Successful Massage Establishment is Seeking New Licensed Massage Therapists


I was asked by Wayne & Margaret Kondoff, owners of Majestic Massage, if I would be interested in writing a piece about their massage establishment. Of course they offered to give me a massage session when I visited and who says no to a massage. Certainly not me, a person who is always slumped at a computer or stuck in traffic trying to get to an appointment somewhere across town. So, without hesitation, I agreed to visit Majestic Massage.

I thought I was being invited here to write a story about Majestic Massage’s new office, the benefits of getting a massage, their skills as therapists and why clients should come to Majestic Massage. And that was partly true but, as you shall soon see, this story is also about perseverance, determination and integrity of two individuals in this profession and their eagerness to help other massage therapists get started.

When I opened the front door of Majestic Massage, my first thought was, “this place is gorgeous”. The modern furnishings as you walk into the waiting area are inviting and warm. Immediately I was greeted by Margaret who would be doing my massage. She started showing me around, wanting me to see all the therapy rooms as well as the lounge and common areas. After the tour, Margaret asked me if I would like some water and then she invited me to sit for a minute to relax and chat. Margaret wanted to tell me a little about Majestic Massage and how she and Wayne, both MT’s, got to where they are today. So I settled into one of their comfy chairs and listened.

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So the story begins…

Wayne, Margaret’s husband, received his Massage Certification in 1996 and started working out of a make-shift office in the family garage. He did what all starving, just out of school Massage Therapists do, he started promoting his business any place he could to pay the bills. He soon realized just having a piece of paper didn’t mean he would start making the large fees per session he was told would come once he had his license. He was going to have to hustle. Wayne would spend much of his time on the road going to health fairs and any other place he could put the word out about his new business. In fact, his first few years were all about hauling a heavy massage table and a bag loaded with equipment sometimes up several flights of stairs to appointments all over the city in places he was unfamiliar with to work on people he had never met before. This is a risky business even for a big man like Wayne. And, as many therapists do, Wayne had to endure and shut down sexual advances while striving to preserve his professionalism.

Working to establish a new office space with a fellow Massage Therapist proved trying at best as neither had the marketing experience or funds to provide necessary equipment for their establishment. Working for other establishments didn’t prove mush better either. Wayne would have to provide his own table and supplies while receiving only 50% (sometimes even less) of the session price. At the end of the session he would have to tear it all down and haul it off to his next appointment where he would repeat the process.

Oh, and in his “free time” he would have to take classes to learn new modalities to expand his abilities to help his clients.

Margaret, who had received her Massage Certification in 2002, was going through many of the same obstacles as Wayne. She decided, after completing school, to rent a room in a small salon to build her clientele rather than putting herself in danger by going to other people’s houses and hauling a table to different locations which proved too difficult. But even this had its own challenges.

Eventually all their hard work did pay off however as they realized the school of hard knocks brought with it knowledge. They now had a handle on things like successful business practices, best massage techniques for different client complaints and the need to educate clients about massage benefits to obtain repeat business. And let’s not forget their increasing knowledge of different modalities to offer their clients.

There was another silver lining that came with Wayne’s continued hard work too. It’s called opportunity. While attending one of the many Corporate Health Fairs, Wayne was extended the opportunity to work as a Corporate Massage Therapist. Being given a private space in a large corporate office to work on all their employees several days a week was a huge deal. With effort on his part and through word of mouth, thanks to his now corporate clients, Wayne was able to establish working relationships with other large corporations in San Antonio. It was then that Majestic Massage was born.

Word started spreading about Wayne’s great abilities as a Massage Therapist and his professionalism. He now had more clients than he could successfully manage. He told Margaret it was time they worked together to promote Majestic Massage. So Margaret quit her job as an MT elsewhere to work full time with Wayne at Majestic Massage.

It now become apparent they needed a place of their own to set up an office. They envisioned a comfortable, warm, inviting space with extra massage rooms allowing space for more therapists to join them. They also wanted a nice lounge area with a big screen TV making the perfect spot for spouses or family members to wait for someone while they get a massage. This is just what Majestic Massage on Blanco at Bitters incorporates.

According to Margaret, the new office stays busy plus they still do their corporate gigs. They also attend as many health fairs as possible to introduce Majestic Massage to more people. With all the business they are doing plus the new therapy rooms, they are finally ready to lease space to more therapists.

Margaret explained, “We have so much to offer therapists who work here. We supply all massage rooms with hydraulic tables, table sheets, music, hot towel warmers and even hot stones when needed.” She went on to say,”Therapists only have to supply massage cream and clients. However, different from other massage establishments, they will be able to keep and cultivate their own clientele without losing them to other therapists or to Majestic Massage. This is really a win, win situation compared to what we have both had to endure along our journey.”

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Other benefits of working at Majestic Massage are:

  • Working in a comfortable, pleasant safe environment
  • Larger therapy rooms by the hour
  • Being free to promote themselves and their practice as a Massage Therapist
  • Receiving invitations to paid special events and conventions as Majestic Massage professionals (an already established and respected brand)
  • Working alongside experienced, positive and friendly professionals who value the benefits of massage
  • Being encouraged to learn and practice new techniques

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Wayne and Margaret have built a professional massage practice through hard work, endurance, integrity and a “let’s do it” attitude. They are seeking business minded therapists who strive to be professionals as well. Therapists who believe in the benefits of massage and want to educate their clients to that fact. Therapists who want to continue to learn and grow in this profession and are excited to get up every day and do their work.

If you think you are that therapist, give them a call at 210.549.7899 to set up an appointment to talk to them.

Oh, and yes, I finally did get my massage. After telling Margaret where my hot spots were, she went right to work, kneading, stretching and coaxing my muscles to let go. She was very in tune to where I needed the work. I have had hundreds of massages over the years so I can tell when a therapist is experienced and cares about what they do. Margaret is one of those people. She really cares about the health and well being of her clients.

Both Wayne and Margaret are qualified in numerous modalities including chair massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, stone massage, body stretching, and prenatal massage. (My husband has been getting massage from Wayne for many years and gives him raving reviews.) If you are looking for good, highly trained and professional massage therapists to help you, call Majestic Massage.  All their therapists have very capable hands and come highly recommended.

And as I am sitting here at the computer I realize it is time to give Margaret a call!

**Full Disclosure: I received a massage in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are totally mine.

Check out a write-up on Majestic Massage in San Antonio Monthly Magazine on pages 41-42. Margaret wrote a small piece about sports massage there as well.

Phone: 210.549.7899

Wayne: 210.336.4289

Margaret: 210.857.3951

30, 60 and 90 minute sessions available and all sessions are by appointment only.


14855 Blanco Rd., Ste 203, San Antonio, TX

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