Kona Grill Doesn’t Box Themselves In Because They’re Constantly Changing!

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Kona Grill Doesn’t Box Themselves In Because They’re Constantly Changing!

 Kona Grill’s Diverse & Frequently Changing Menu as Well as Their Consistent Signature Dishes Keeps Customers Coming Back

The brand began in the early 90’s and Kona Grill is not the kind of restaurant you can label, because they are constantly changing the menu. However, if you really need to place them in a category they are known for their excellent service and would be considered more contemporary if anything with a full Sushi Bar. Kona Grill changes its specials every 90 days or so and they are located in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and El Paso.

The Avocado Egg Roll is divine and served with honey-cilantro dipping sauce. These egg rolls are vegan & vegetarian and so good you will forget all about meat. Having been fried crisp and stuffed full of perfectly seasoned avocados, these gems are out of this world.

Next, we had some scrumptious sushi and this could be considered an appetizer or the main entrée, whatever your heart desires. The Shrimp & Tuna Roll served with sirachi consisted of fresh tuna and grilled shrimp with avocado and other veggies wrapped in soy paper. Delicious if dipped in one of the sauces and my fav was the ponzu sauce (a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It is tart, with a thin, watery consistency and a dark brown color),which is made in house from scratch. As a matter of fact all their sauces are made in house from scratch.
 Then, we had the Picasso Roll which has spicy yellowtail ( a large fish found in the Pacific and Indian oceans), avocado, jalapenos, cilantro and sirachi. Kona Grill fish is never frozen, only packed on ice and shipped within 3 days after being caught. All Kona’s sush chefs go through a very rigorous extensive training and have to know how to cut fish with precision. This roll was light and tangy without being too spicy even with the sirachi. My husband doesn’t typically like spicy foods, but he ate most of this. We ate this roll with the spicy mayo dipping sauce, and it took it up a few notches!
We had the Macadamia Nut Chicken and juicy, delectable is its middle name. This pan fried chicken served on top of house mashed potatoes with perfectly seasoned veggies and Kona’s own special “gravy” (Shoyu Cream) is divine.  The Shoyu Cream is prepared similar to standard gravy but using heavy whipping cream with soy sauce at its heart. The dish is finished with the Shoyu Sauce drizzled on top of the chicken.
The Strawberry Basil Lemonade is dragon berry with Bacardi and this is a light breezy treat! You can easily forget it’s alcoholic so be careful, it’s sweet and refreshing and tart just like we like them.
Next, we tried the Pineapple Cilantro Smash, even more refreshing than the lemonade, and it has my fav Patron Silver Tequila with Agave. The lime juice gives it the tarty kick and basically you feel like you’re drinking a very light margarita.
The Butter Cake should have been served before everything else, and I don’t typically go goo goo over desserts. However, if you don’t like desserts too sweet, but sweet enough to know it’s a dessert, this is it! It’s a delectable, warm sugar cookie you can cut with a fork, because it’s a cake served with vanilla bean ice cream!

**Full Disclosure: I received dinner in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are totally mine.


Shops At La Cantera, San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 877-5355


Mon to Thu: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm Bar is extended to 11:00 pm

Fri & Sat: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm Bar is extended to Midnight

Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm Bar is extended to 11:00 pm


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