Sant’ Arturo Wines Make Delightful Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Sant’ Arturo Wines Make Delightful Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts & Celebration Toasts with Sant’ Arturo Pinot Noir & Sant’ Arturo Pinot Grigio Wine


Planning a special dinner for il tuo amore speciale for Valentine’s? Or maybe you just want to send a gift to someone special for this day of love and friendship. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with two wonderful Italian wines Sant’ Arturo Pinot Grigio Wine and Sant’ Arturo Pinot Noir Wine that will make a nice statement but will be easy on your wallet.


The Sant’ Arturo Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio come from grapes grown in chalky soil of the Veneto region of Northeast Italy. Both grape varieties have proved to be successful here.


Sant’ Arturo Pinot Noir Wine is a luscious red wine that reaches a fine balance between a soft, complex and bold in taste. This is a dry and  fruity wine with notes of vanilla and is delicious in taste. The structure is delicate and fresh. Excellent with grilled salmon and chicken as well as red meat, Japanese dishes and flavorful cheese.



Sant’ Arturo Pinot Grigio Wine is light, crisp and refreshing in taste. This stylishly named Italian grape variety has effortlessly found its way on to every Italian restaurant wine list and most others too. It is a highly refined wine with notes of tart green apples, white peach undertones, floral blossoms and citrus.

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Sant’ Arturo Wine has been featured in national and international media. Fans of the brand include national media, celebrities and global trendsetters. Sant’ Arturo Wine participates in celebrity and charity events nationally.



Sant’ Arturo Wine is priced at $12.99.



Sant’ Arturo Wine is sold at restaurants, bars, and fine stores and nationally online. For more information, visit

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