Chinese New Year could grant you FREE P.F. Chang’s for a Year

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Chinese New Year could grant you FREE P.F. Chang’s for a Year


Feb. 8 wishing tree event will grant free P.F. Chang’s for a year to five lucky winners


P.F. Chang’s will celebrate the Chinese New Year with guests throughout February to spread good fortune and raise money for  Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


Making wishes and giving to children are two Chinese New Year traditions, and P.F. Chang’s will observe those customs by granting wishes and donating up to $100,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Guests can participate in the month long celebration and benefit the nonprofit in restaurants and through social media.


  • In restaurants: Order an item off the P.F. Chang’s Chinese New Year menu, which features symbolically lucky options. The restaurant will donate $1 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America each time a guest orders from the limited-time menu, which includes handmade-from-scratch Butternut Squash Dumplings, Sichuan Chili Garlic Chicken, Hong Kong Style Sea Bass, Long Life Noodles & Prawns and the Monkey Mule, a unique twist on the traditional Moscow Mule featuring Monkey Shoulder whisky and house-made ginger beer, available exclusively at P.F. Chang’s.


  • On social media: Share a Chinese New Year wish on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #PFChangsWish to trigger a $1 donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. P.F. Chang’s will randomly select and grant customer wishes throughout the month.


“Raising money for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which enables kids throughout the nation to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens, is our way of honoring Chinese New Year traditions in a meaningful way,” said P.F. Chang’s Chief Marketing Officer Dwayne Chambers. “We’ll also bring to life the time-honored Chinese New Year wishing tree tradition in every city where we have a restaurant.”


The wishing tree tradition began in Hong Kong hundreds of years ago, when villagers traveled for miles during Chinese New Year to visit the sacred wishing trees and hang their New Year’s wishes, written on red tags, among the branches. On Feb. 8, P.F. Chang’s will adorn trees near its restaurants with traditional red envelopes that contain a variety of P.F. Chang’s Preferred loyalty points, redeemable for free entrees and other menu items. Five lucky winners across the country will receive an envelope with enough points for free P.F. Chang’s for a year.


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