When Love is in the Air, Godiva is on the Mind

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When Love is in the Air, Godiva is on the Mind

The Name GODIVA Speaks Volumes on Valentine’s Day

Their Valentine’s Day Collection has Arrived


Love is in the air, and GODIVA, like any other love, comes in all shapes and sizes. Indulge in the Keepsake Heart Tin filled with GODIVA’s milk, dark, and white chocolate truffles, or gift a loved one with the Valentine’s Day Mini Chocolate Heart Box featuring milk chocolate hazelnut and dark chocolates in a chic box designed by illustrator Charlotte Gastaut. The dark chocolate Cherry Cordials and 2016 Limited Edition Bear are also perfect gifts for family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

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I personally love this 9 piece Valentine’s Day Charlotte Gastaut Gift Box. The box is beautiful in and of itself but when filled with their new Coupes d’Amour Chocolates (little “cups of love”) they will delight anyone with perfectly paired flavors showcasing luxurious ganache, rich praline, or creamy caramel layered in milk, white, or dark chocolate.


Please see the list of available Valentine’s Day Offerings online HERE

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