Toast The New Year With Sant’ Arturo d’Asti Moscato Wine!

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Toast The New Year With Sant’ Arturo d’Asti Moscato Wine!

This Italian Moscato d’Asti Wine is Great for Ringing in the New Year or for Any Festive Occasion


Need a great tasting wine to bring over to a New Year’s Eve gathering, well look no further than Sant’ Arturo d’Asti Moscato Wine. Sant’ Arturo d’Asti Moscato Wine is perfect for any occasion and will definitely be needed during the New Year’s Eve bash. Sant’ Arturo d’Asti Moscato also makes a great gift, too. Ring in the New Year with Sant’ Arturo d’Asti Moscato Wine! Cheers!


Sant’ Arturo Moscato d’Asti Wine is located in the south-eastern part of Italy’s north-western Piedmont region. In the 16th century the recipe for Moscato d’Asti was created by a renowned Milanese jeweler, Giovan Battista Croce, who had made jewelry for the Royal Family. He changed careers, purchasing a vineyard and perfecting the creation of the wine. It is a semi-sweet with fruit flavors including peach, tropical fruits and lychee. Very gently sparkling that is soft and luscious.


Sant’ Arturo Wine has been featured in national and international media. Fans of the brand include national media, celebrities and global trendsetters. Sant’ Arturo Wine participates in celebrity and charity events nationally.


Sant’ Arturo Wine is priced at $12.99.


San’t Arturo Wine is sold at restaurants, bars, and fine stores and nationally online. For more information, visit

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