Chuao Chocolatier is Spreading Joy This Holiday

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Chuao Chocolatier is Spreading Joy This Holiday

Gourmet Chocolate with Ingredients that Defy Tradition

Chef Michael says, ‘If it’s not a WOW, it’s not a CHEW-WOW!”


Chuao decadent chocolate is a burst of flavor in every bite. It was love at first bite when I tried their newest flavor, Caramel Apple Crush. The tangy apple flirts with buttery caramel in rich milk chocolate was flat-out delicious. And the Salted Chocolate Crunch bar with crunchy toasted breadcrumbs dusted with sea salt and swirled in dark chocolate was definitely a favorite of mine. Who would have thought of putting salt and breadcrumbs in chocolate and making a confection out of it? Chuao, that’s who! These chocolates hit every taste requirement of my palate; sweet, creamy, crunchy, spicy all with a slight salty aftertaste.


See those tangy apple flirts!



A glimpse into the inside of the Salted Chocolate Crunch bar!


Chef/Owner Michael Antonorsi and his brother/co-owner Richard have hit the nail on the head with this one. Chuao (pronounced Chew-WOW) named after the legendary cacao-producing region of Chuao Venezuela, where the Antonorsi’s brothers were born, is steeped in family tradition and commitment to high quality.

These luxurious chocolates are not only known for their creative flavor combinations but also their proprietary blends of ethically sourced cacao. Their chocolate reflects their commitment to fresh food, free of artificial preservatives, additives, coloring and flavorings.

They create recipes in the kitchen which arouse the senses. Flavors like Rocky Road blending salted, caramelized almonds with chewy whole marshmallows and creamy milk chocolate or their Firecracker bar with sea salt, chipotle and popping candy crackle in dark chocolate.

Chuao chocolates are created with your cravings in mind, from sultry spice and salty sweet to comforting classics.

If there’s a chocolate lover in your life, the holidays are a great time to spread the joy. Holiday flavors like Hope, Joy & Gingerbread and Peace, Love & Peppermint will make great stocking suffers and hostess gifts. Bacon lovers will answer their cravings with Baconluxious Chocolate bars sweetened with a splash of maple syrup. There is a flavor to suit anyone on your gift giving list this season. They even have a line of drinking chocolates, espresso beverages and gelatos.


Holiday flavors


Their signature flavor!

You can find Chuao Chocolates at Whole Foods Market, Dean and Deluca, Crate & Barrel or online at

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are totally mine.


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