The Spa at Folawn’s Embraces Relaxation, Tranquility, Beauty & Health

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The Spa at Folawn’s Embraces Relaxation, Tranquility, Beauty & Health

Folawn’s Believes Every Guest Should Have the Best Experience Possible Every Time They Step Inside Their Salon

Every guest every time


Can’t afford a vaca right now? Sure you can! Take a relaxing sensory journey at The Spa @ Folawn’s, a journey that will take your mind, body and spirit miles away from your everyday stress without ever leaving the city. This journey will put you in a better place and when it’s time to come back, you won’t even have to worry about flight schedules and rental cars. You might want to call a taxi however!

Walking into Folawn’s you are greeted by soothing music, low lights, the smells of sensory Aveda products and smiling faces readily greeting and welcoming you. Sit back, enjoy a glass of citrus infused water, wine, tea or coffee and relax. Your journey awaits.


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As with any vacation, your journey is customized by you. And along the way Folawn’s will enhance the experience with beneficial Added Value Services (AVS). Your choices for this special journey are many; relaxing body treatments and massage, rejuvenating facials, nail care to bring your hands and feet back into balance, and beautifying treatments to give you that outer glow to match that now enhanced inner glow. You will not just feel relaxed and beautiful at the end of your journey, The Spa @ Folawn’s professional service providers will have you looking stress-free and beautiful.

My personal journey began with a customized facial by Dolores who has worked for Folawn’s for many years. After careful analysis of my skin she recommended the treatment best suited for me. With her adept hands and the specific Aveda products for my skin type, Dolores started me on my journey today. AVS during the facial were luxurious massages for both the hands and feet.

unnamed (1) dolores

Next was a customized massage by Morgan. While soaking my feet in warm aroma scented water (the AVS here), Morgan asked me specific questions about what I was hoping to get out of my massage today, what areas of my body needed attention and what type of pressure I preferred in a massage. Once my feet were dried, I climbed onto that warm, inviting massage table, and while listening to soothing music, was told to breath in my preferred Aveda essential oil aroma (previously chosen) and let Morgan’s talented hands work out my physical stress points. Yes, I was now what I will refer to as a “limp noodle”.

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But I wasn’t done yet! My next stop on this journey was a pedicure with Alisa who has also worked at Folawn’s many years. Being asked the hardest question of this journey, “What nail color would I like”, Alisa then guided me to the “massage chair” where I would relax for the next 45 minutes. Here I would have my feet groomed and both my legs and feet rubbed, scrubbed, massaged, and wrapped in warm scented towels (Folawn’s AVS) all while floating away in the “massage chair”. Alisa did a wonderful job and after what seemed like a couple of days of rest, she had to wake me up and let me know she was done and I would have to leave my now favorite chair. But I was happy to see and feel my new feet so all was once again OK with the world.


Next stop was with Rebel who was going to bring my now soggy hair back to life and freshen up my style. After a little consultation about the condition of my hair and what I was looking for in a style, we headed back to the shampoo room where Rebel applied a hydrating mask to my hair and cucumber pads to my eyes (Folawn’s AVS) where I once again went into my relaxed daze. My thought before dozing off again was, “Who is going to drive me home?”

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Rebel gave me an awesome style and showed me how to re-create it at home. She also showed me several Aveda products I could use to keep my hair looking fab. Rebel has been an Aveda stylist for 22 years as well as being an Aveda educator for several years, so she really knows her way around everything to do with both hair and the Aveda product line. And congratulations to Rebel for being the Folawn’s November employee of the month!


If you are feeling you need even more beautifying The Spa @ Folawn’s also offers clients waxing, lash extensions, brow & lash tinting, makeup consultation & application, hair coloring or highlights, relaxers/perms and botanical therapy.

Do a little holiday shopping while you are in the salon. Give some Aveda Love to someone you love this holiday. And by purchasing these green gift sets, you are changing lives in Nepal by helping employ thousands of people there. Also $1 goes to Nepal earthquake relief for each gift of renewal for your journey gift set sold. Go here for more discounts and gift ideas from Aveda.


Folawn’s is family owned and operated by Terry and Ken Folawn. They opened their doors 22 years ago and are still here in the same location. That fact alone speaks volumes about any business! The Spa @ Folawn’s is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa and USANA wellness center. You can call 210.408.0101 or use their online booking to schedule an appointment.

I Encourage You to take the Journey at The Spa @ Folawn’s

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**Full Disclosure: I received salon services in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are totally mine.

Location: 14353 Blanco Rd., San Antonio Texas

Phone: (210) 408-0101


Monday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:30am – 8:00pm
Wednesday 8:30am – 8:00pm
Thursday 8:30am – 8:00pm
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Sunday closed

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