2016 Kia Sorento SXL Tours San Antonio

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2016 Kia Sorento SXL Tours San Antonio

Elvira & I at Mission San Francisco de la Espada

Where in San Antonio is the Kia


You know the “Where is the World is Carmen Sandiego” game to teach geography? Well this week I was test driving the 2016 Kia Sorento and I decided to do a version of this game. I wanted to take the Kia (I named her Elvira being Halloween week and all) around several of San Antonio’s famous landmarks for photo ops while Elvira and I get to know each other.


This sporty SUV is a peppy Turbo gas direct injection 4-Cyl engine(that’s about as technical as I get) with lots of get-up-and-go on the freeway and easy maneuverability on the streets of downtown.




The Merlot Nappa leather bucket seats were comfortable to sit in for the tour and the drivers side seat is fully adjustable with the touch of a button so it makes sure you sit perfectly to your preference. Both front seats are heated and cooled to keep your tush sitting comfy no matter what the weather is outside. In Texas, temperatures go from hot to cold to hot in a matter of hours, so this is a great feature. Elvira’s designers must have been thinking of Texas when they added this feature. No matter the weather, I was very comfortable!


Guenther House


Alamo Quarry Market


Pearl Brewery


Pioneer Flour Mills

I hate letting others drive my car only to find out that they adjusted my seat to fit them and I spend literally days trying to get it set back the way I like it. With the memory driver’s seat position all you need do is push a button and bam, it’s back where you had it. Love this feature! And the power lumbar support is such a must for a day on the road like Elvira and I have had the last couple of days touring San Antonio. Elvira was taking me all over the city in comfort!


Earl Abel’s Restaurant


Blue Star Art Complex


Regal Cinemas Northwoods


Bun “N” Barrel

The panoramic roof gave great views of all the San Antonio landmarks and thanks to the power sun shade, we were good on these beautiful sunny days. Another added feature I loved on this Kia are the pull-down window shades on the back passenger windows. Moms with children in tow to the San Antonio Zoo or Kiddy Park will love this feature too.


San Antonio Zoo


Kiddie Park

Opening and closing the tailgate after a day of shopping was a breeze with the smart “hands-free” power liftgate. Yep, with the roomy cargo area and that smart liftgate, you will find yourself looking for things to haul. I say it’s time to go shopping and have a nice lunch! I would like to mention that Elvira didn’t eat too much either. We spent a week driving all over the city and she only used less than half a tank of gas!



Listening to music on SIRIUSXM or from my Pandora app was quite literally awesome with the infinity surround sound audio system. With the super quiet ride Elvira offers, I could hear every note of every song.

apps naga & siriusxm

And talk about all the bells and whistles, Elvira was constantly talking to me to keep me safe. Her blind spot detection system warns you if the coast isn’t clear when you go to change lanes. She also has a lane departure warning signal if you are one to venture outside your lane. And her navigation system was spot on for getting me where I wanted to go.


Other safety features include airbags for all front and back seats, surround view monitor, forward collision warning system, smart cruise control and tire pressure monitor just to mention a few. Elvira is so safety conscious she has earned her stars (she has several government 5-star safety ratings). That makes me feel good when I am out and about, especially with all the bad weather here in Texas lately.


If you haven’t driven one of these new Kia’s lately, you need to check them out. They are pretty awesome in many ways.

And for your information, Elvira and I got along just fine. Goodbye Elvira, I am going to miss you!!


**Full Disclosure: I was invited to test drive the 2016 Kia Sorento for a week. All opinions are 100% my own.


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