This Hot Little Sandwich Shop is Heating Up Texas

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This Hot Little Sandwich Shop is Heating Up Texas

Sandwiches Are Always Hot at Potbelly

Irresistible food and good vibes found in this neighborhood gathering place

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**Full Disclosure: I received lunch in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.

Just another sandwich shop? No, not at all! This sandwich shop which has recently invaded Texas says, “You gotta get it hot”! All their sandwiches are served toasted every time, all the time. They say that toasting the sandwich kind of melds everything together bringing out the true goodness of all the flavors. Even the bread, which has already been partially cooked, gets its groove on after toasting.

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Potbelly started out as a little antique shop in Chicago that served toasty sandwiches, homemade desserts and music to its patrons as they browsed their antiques. The Potbelly Sandwich Shops of today still have some remnants of antiques, like the iconic potbelly stove, but mostly what you will find adorning the walls and tables in each restaurant is local memorabilia indicative of that town.

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Note: I visited the Potbelly Sandwich Shop in San Marcus, Texas for this review, so understandably there was a lot of Texas State University and Bobcat memorabilia all over this restaurant.

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The Potbelly menu consists of sandwiches, salads, soup or chili, extras like chips, pickles or deli salads, hand-dipped shakes and malts, low-fat smoothies & freshly baked cookies (watch out for these addictive yums) & ice cream bars. You can also choose from canned sodas, fountain drinks, bottled tea, drinks and water.

Sandwiches come as Flats, Originals or Bigs. Originals are a hearty size (the same that was served in 1977) and the Bigs have 30% more ingredients as the Original. If you are extra hungry get the Bigs, otherwise stick with the Original as I found it to be plenty big. The Flats are a wonderful thin multi-grain bread that can be filled like the Originals. Originals and Bigs come in either regular or multi-grain wheat bread.

You can also get a Skinnys which gets you a thin-cut bread that is 1/3 less than the Originals bread. You also get less meat and cheese bringing the total calorie count under 400. Sweet!

Potbelly sandwiches are made to order and there are numerous topping to choose from. All ingredients are chopped and sliced fresh daily to insure freshness. Potbelly creates it the way you want it when you choose from mayo, brown mustard, hot peppers (these can be a little spicy so ask for them on the side just in case), lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, oil, Italian seasoning, and fresh sliced avocado. Maybe you want mushrooms and cheese, bacon, or extra meat! You can do that too. So many ways to get the exact sandwich of your dreams at Potbelly Sandwich Shop. So go wild, go crazy or be picky. They don’t care, they’ll make it the way you want it!

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Soups come in both small and large sizes and they change their soup du jour menu daily so you can call ahead to see what’s on the menu or be surprised. One soup they always have on the menu however is the creamy Broccoli Cheddar which is really good. They also keep the hearty Chili made with ground beef and kidney beans on the menu all the time, so rest assured that when you are ready for chili, you can always find it at your neighborhood Potbelly Sandwich Shop. And with football season here and cooler weather coming, you WILL be looking for chili!

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Right now Potbelly is featuring their BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich which is pilled high with their tender, juicy pork cooked in a smoky, sweet BBQ sauce. Add some onions and maybe some of those hot peppers and you have a down-home, sure-fire Texas treat.

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Of course you just may want to order one of those hand-dipped shakes, malts or fruit smoothies to cool your palate though. An added treat is the cute, whimsical Potbelly trademarked “cookie on the straw” that is added to every shake, malt and smoothie.

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If you want a rather modest sandwich, you can create something along the lines of a club with meats, cheeses, and added toppings. But you can also go a little crazy with the Wreck® by combining salami, roast beef, turkey, ham & Swiss cheese.

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Or maybe you are looking for a vegetarian idea. In that case, order the Mediterranean with hummus spread, Feta, artichoke hearts, cucumber slices and roasted red peppers. This is just as wonderful as it sounds and is my favorite sandwich on the menu. Be sure to order it on a Flats and consider some fresh sliced avocado. A heavenly sandwich, to be sure!

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And never, I mean never, leave Potbelly Sandwich Shop without getting one of their fresh baked cookies. Or even better make an ice cream sandwich. These are made to order like the sandwiches because you choose the cookie and the ice cream flavor. Potbelly’s cookie choices are; Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Sugar and Chocolate Brownie. You also should consider taking a dozen mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies home, but be forewarned, they are addictive.

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Potbelly also offers catering for your tailgate party, office meetings, moms play-dates or dorm gathering. Get a bowl of salad, a box of sandwiches, boxed lunches (sandwich, chips & cookie), a bowl of soup for a group or just a nice cookie platter. You decide what you need, then give them a call of visit them online at



403 N. Guadalupe St., San Marcos, TX




Open seven days a week 11am to 7pm


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