Serrano Pepper Glaze Adds Fiery Tang to Wings at Wingstop

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Serrano Pepper Glaze Adds Fiery Tang to Wings at Wingstop

Citrus Tang Meets Fiery Bang at Wingstop

Latin-inspired flavor lands in restaurants until June

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**Full Disclosure: I received a meal in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.

Choices of flavors for wings at Wingstop range from hot (Habanero Fueled Atomic & Original Hot) to mild (Original mild & Hickory Smoked BBQ) to no heat (Lemon Pepper & Hawaiian). Now for a limited time Wingstop has added a sauce to their flavor lineup that combines citrus tang with Serrano heat.

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Original Hot wings

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Original mild wings

2015-05-23 11.58.14

Hawaiian wings & Honey Mustard sauce

2015-05-23 11.57.49

Lemon Pepper wings & Ranch Sauce

I was a little intimidated about trying a spicy sauce since I don’t usually do much spice on my food, but I decided I would take one for the team for this review. Guess what! It wasn’t really that hot! Not at all what I was expecting. In fact, I kind of liked the after burn it put out. I also really liked the citrus zest along with the sweetness of this sauce.

So I decided I needed to try some of Wingstops other flavors to have something to compare the Serrano Pepper sauce to. I also ordered the Original Hot wings, the Mild Original wings, the Lemon Pepper wings, and the Hawaiian wings. After trying all these flavors, I decided I like my wings with some heat and my favorites were the Serrano Pepper and the Original Hot wings. The Lemon Pepper had a dry rub with no heat and the Hawaiian was a sweet pineapple with no heat. Now I see what all the hype of hot wings is about! Wings just need some heat and the Serrano Pepper is a good choice. I think Wingstop should keep it on the menu. If you think so too, be sure to let them know.

Wingstop fans can get in on the action by sharing their #TangMeetsBang experience on Twitter or Facebook.

Wingstop is all about wings and very little else, so don’t go there if you are looking for a burger, pizza, salad, etc. They do offer a few choices of sides like; coleslaw, baked beans and baked rolls. Other than that Wingstop is just about wings.

You can get different sauces for dipping your wings; ranch, bleu cheese, honey mustard, and cheese sauce, but I personally found that for most of the wings I ordered, they had plenty of sauce for me. I did like the honey mustard on the lemon pepper wings though because the lemon pepper was more like a dry rub, not a glaze.

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Just a reminder, the Serrano Pepper wings are only at Wingstop until June. So if thinking about them makes your mouth water, get on over to your nearest Wingstop and give them a try.

About Wingstop

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Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Wingstop has more than 750 restaurants open across the United States, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia, with locations coming soon to the United Arab Emirates. The Wing Experts menu features classic and boneless wings with 11 bold, distinctive flavors including Original Hot, Cajun, Atomic, Mild, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Hawaiian, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Louisiana Rub and Mango Habanero. Wingstop’s wings are always cooked to order, sauced and tossed and served with a variety of house-made sides including Wingstop’s world famous hand-cut seasoned fries. Wingstop has experienced 11 consecutive years of positive sales increases, was named a 2014 Best Franchise Deal by QSR magazine, was ranked the #3 Top Growth Chain by Nation’s Restaurant News and has been voted “best wings” in markets across the country. Wingstop is owned by affiliates of Roark Capital Group, an Atlanta-based private equity firm focused on consumer, business and environmental service companies, with a specialization in franchised and multi-unit business models in the retail, restaurant and consumer services sectors. For more information visit or Become a fan of Wingstop by visiting or

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