Celebrate This Year’s Cinco de Mayo with Cayman Jack

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Celebrate This Year’s Cinco de Mayo with Cayman Jack

Your Entertaining Just Got a Whole Lot Easier with Cayman Jack Margaritas


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Don’t have the time to mix up a batch of margaritas or you can’t seem to find all the ingredients you need before the party? Don’t worry!

The quick solution is Cayman Jack! Not only will this make your life a whole lot easier, this pre-assembled margarita will quite possibly be the most refreshing margarita you have ever tired.

Cayman Jack is made with all natural ingredients like organic Mexican limes for the tartness you want in a good margarita and real cane sugar & 100% blue agave nectar (known as honey water in Mexico) to take the bitterness off the lime. Add to this an alcohol level of 5.8% ABV, which is slightly higher than most beers, and you get the perfect bite in this margarita.

I think Cayman Jack is quite possibly the best tasting pre-made margarita I have tried. There wasn’t any of the cheap alcohol after-taste which so many bottled alcohol cocktails have. Instead, Cayman Jack is just a very smooth, refreshing drink. If you were to serve this margarita in a pitcher and dress your margarita glasses, your guests would swear it was home-made from scratch. Yes, it’s that good!

You can buy it by the six-pack in 11.2-ounce bottles and a 12-pack of 8-ounce cans at select grocery stores and liquor stores. So whether your Cinco de Mayo party is by the pool, at the beach or in your neighbors backyard, Cayman Jack makes it easy to bring the Margaritas.



Created with ingredients curated from around the world, Cayman Jack is a hand-crafted margarita blending authentic flavor with just the right bite. Its cool, refreshing taste and precise blend of premium, natural ingredients makes it the ideal drink to enjoy wherever your journey leads.

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