Move Over Keurig® There Is A New Single-Serve In Town

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Move Over Keurig® There Is A New Single-Serve In Town

iCoffee® is Brewing up a Better Cup of Coffee


**Full Disclosure: I received an iCoffee Opus in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.

According to the Ohio State University® Sensory Science Group the iCoffee® Opus brews coffee that tastes smoother with a more pleasant aftertaste and aroma when compared to the Keurig® 2.0 K-560. To see full results of the iCoffee vs Keurig testing go to this link:

I actually tend to agree with the Sensory Science Group. I have had a Keurig single serve coffee machine in both my kitchen and office for about four years now. My husband and I have both tried numerous different K-Cup & K-compatible coffee brands over the years but were never satisfied with the taste of the coffee. So we were always buying new brands of K-Cups and coffees hoping to find a richer tasting coffee. But we were never satisfied with the taste.


In February I was asked to do a review on the Remington® iCoffee® Opus. After reading about the machine, I decided what the heck, I’ll give it a try. I am so glad I did. We immediately noticed the difference in the taste of the coffee we were currently using. It had a richer, more pleasant taste than it had when brewing it in the Keurig® machine. We found out it wasn’t all the different coffee brands we tried but instead it was the coffee brewer that was keeping us from getting a great tasting coffee.


The brewing system in the iCoffee® Opus is the first in the world to use SpinBrew™ technology that features a spinning needle with jets that spin, steam and stir the coffee inside all K-Cups and all K-compatible cups during brewing. What a unique idea this is and it makes so much sense. This way all the coffee in the K-Cup gets brewed which releases a deeper, richer tasting coffee. The Keurig on the other hand uses a stationary needle which pushes the hot water through the middle of the K-Cup, keeping it from using all the coffee and releasing the full flavor in the K-Cup. This does seem like “rocket science” to me and as I am one who appreciates a great cup of coffee, I applaud the inventor, Bruce Burrows who is also CEO of iCoffee.

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And if the smoother, more pleasant taste of coffee weren’t enough, the  iCoffee Opus allows the user to add the exact amount of water for the beverage size desired. This machine has a Dial-a-Brew™ feature that lets you adjust the amount of water from 4-12 ounces giving you even more control over the strength of your brew. The dial uses increments of .5 ounce giving you perfect taste control. The iCoffee will also brew tea and cold beverages too. So in less than a minute, the iCoffee Opus will brew you a great hot or cold beverage of your choice.

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Here is another great feature you are going to love. The iCoffee also has an iCup™ Reusable (included with the machine) which gives you the freedom to use any coffee of you choice in the machine. So now you can buy your favorite beans from a local roaster or coffee shop, grind them and brew them in the iCoffee. You aren’t limited to buying K-Cups if you don’t want to.


Other features of the iCoffee Opus include:

  • 75 oz. water reservoir
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Removable drip tray (Allows for larger mugs)

iCoffee®, maker of the Opus™ single serve brewer, also used a patent-pending SafetyLock™ two-step safety system on the company’s entire line of single serve brewers.

iCoffee’s SafetyLock consumer protection system uses a two-step system to protect consumers. During the first step, a mechanical lock secures the single serve brew head during the brewing process to ensure that the brew head will not open at any time during the brewing cycle. If the brew head is tampered with during brewing, a secondary electronic safety device instantly shuts off the flow of water, helping prevent burn-related injuries due to hot liquid escaping from the brew head. SafetyLock is a standard feature on the iCoffee Opus and is also standard on the Express and DaVinci models to be launched nationwide in February.

The i in iCoffee stands for innovation and the technology in this brew system is definitely a breakthrough in single serve coffee brewers. It will forever change the way coffee lovers brew and enjoy their favorite coffee.

Just look at all the accolades iCoffee and Bruce Burrows have received:

  • Consumer Reports has highlighted their 12 cup brewer with SteamBrew technology in an unprecedented 4 separate issues within the last 12 months. Besides being on the cover of the Hot List 2014, they were also honored to be included in the November issue, “Best and Worst of 2014”. Consumer Reports named iCoffee the “Best reason to get out of bed in the morning”.
  • Popular Science selected iCoffee for its “Best of What’s New”, 2014 edition. By the way, it was the only kitchen appliance selected.
  • Bruce Burrows, inventor and CEO of iCoffee, was included in Homeworld Business as one of a group of industry figures who have and will continue to have a significant impact on the housewares industry now and in the future.

The iCoffee Opus comes with a small assortment of K-Cup coffee & tea to get you started.


iCoffee Opus is available in Bed Bath & Beyond and soon to be in 8 other major retailers by the spring of 2015. Check online to see where you can buy your iCoffee® Opus.

About iCoffee®

iCoffee® is the first single-serve brewing system to use SpinBrew™ Needle Technology and the SafetyLock™ system. iCoffee Single Serve was invented by Bruce Burrows, who also created the iCoffee multi-cup brewer with SteamBrew™ technology. Both brewing technologies spin, steam and stir during the brewing cycle to release locked-in flavors while eliminating any bitterness or acidic aftertaste to deliver dramatically smoother and better-tasting beverages. The SafetyLock™ system locks the brew head during brewing to prevent the escape of hot liquid from the brewer. To learn more about the company, visit the website at

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