Better Believe It… Cici’s Has Upped Their Pizza Game

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Better Believe It… Cici’s Has Upped Their Pizza Game

Get Ready for a Better Cici’s Pizza



**Full Disclosure: I received two pizzas in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.

Cici’s Pizza has been listening to their social media chatter and paying attention to customer comments. They listened when you said you wanted a tastier, fresher pizza. A pizza with a more flavorful sauce and more cheese and toppings. Yes, they were listening to all your comments and they went right to work, changing recipes for the sauce, the crust and even researching where to find the best topping ingredients.

I experienced this first hand recently when I was invited to visit a Cici’s location, see all the changes and even get some hands-on instruction (literally) in the art of pizza making. Getting instructions on how each pizza is expertly made for their customers, like making the dough from scratch, learning the exact way to apply the sauce (start in the center of the dough and work your way out to sides), how much cheese to use and how to place toppings are all things the folks at Cici’s shared with us. And after listening to how to make a perfect Cici’s pizza, I actually got to make my own pizza to take home.


Applying sauce



More cheese



More toppings


My pizza making skills



My creation after coming out of oven


I learned a lot about the art of Cici’s pizza making, but more importantly I learned that Cici’s is working hard to create the perfect pizza experience for all of their customers. Making a good pizza is also about dough made in-house daily, robust sauce using crushed tomatoes and seasonings, lots of cheese, and toppings of tastier meats & fresh vegetables.

In addition to making a better tasting pizza Cici’s has made some other changes too, like making their pizzas bigger, always making sure their top sellers are on the buffet and adding new options to both the salad and pasta bars. Yes, Cici’s has been listening to you and they’ve made changes. Now they want you to “step up to the buffet” and see what you think.

Welcome to the “new” Cici’s! Welcome to a new larger, more flavorful pizza & extended fresh salad & pasta bar!

The sauce is zestier: 

  • Made with crushed tomatoes and Mediterranean oregano seasoning, a Cici’s proprietary spice blend, this new sauce has a fresher, zestier tomato flavor.


The pizza is cheesier:

  • They have almost doubled the amount of cheese on each pizza.
  • They only use 100% real cheese which is delivered in blocks and then grated in-store.

The toppings are fresher and tastier:

  • The Pepperoni is spicier and thicker, creating a crispier texture
  • The sausage is bolder and full of more flavor
  • The beef chunks are bigger and meatier
  • And best of all, they are now putting more toppings per square inch on each pizza

The crust is yummier:

  • The made-from-scratch crust is now brushed with a Garlic Buttered sauce that will make you want to eat your crust and leave you wanting another slice
  • The outer-crust is now a mere 1/2 thick rather the 1 inch. This means more room for sauce, cheese and toppings


But the new changes don’t stop with just the taste of the pizza…. The buffet has some new surprises too!

The buffet pizza are now bigger: 

  • The new buffet pizza size is now a large 14 inch pizza, replacing the medium 12 inch pizza

Old 12 inch pizza


New 14 inch pizza with more sauce, cheese & Pepperoni

  • There are now dedicated spots on the buffet for guest favorites like Classic Pepperoni, Sausage, Veggie and Classic Cheese

Top sellers are always available

There are even new menu options like:

  • Garlic Cheesy bread
  • Flatbread pizzas available in Meltdown, Pepperoni & Sausage, and Garlic Veggie

Ant we don’t want to forget all the new options at the salad bar:

  • Almost double the fresh salad choices than before
  • Interesting new options include Sunflower Seeds, Garbanzo Beans, Pickle Chips and Sliced Beets (at select locations)


I was lucky to be chosen as one of the first people to try the new zestier, cheesier Cici’s pizza in San Antonio and I really could tell the difference in this new pizza! The sauce was so much tastier, and I loved all the cheese, toppings and even the added sauce. And the salad bar is great. With all the new additions to the salad bar, it will be easy to eat your veggies here.

The new pizza will be available in all Cici’s locations by November 2nd. So be sure to stop by your local Cici’s location and give it a try. I think you are going to love what they have done. #betterbelieveit

Cici’s stays connected to local communities through a variety of programs:

  • Helping Educators Raise Money
  • Helping Sports Organizations Find Solutions
  • Helping Local Businesses Thank Their Employees
  • In-Restaurant Learning and Fun
  • Feeding a Crowd

Contact the General Manager at your local Cici’s to learn more about their programs.

About Cici’s Pizza


Coppell, Texas-based CiCi’s Pizza opened its first restaurant in Plano, Texas, in 1985 and has nearly 500 restaurants in 34 states.

Known for its endless pizza, pasta, salad, soup and dessert buffet, CiCi’s won the Technomic 2014 Consumer’s Choiceaward for best kid-friendly quick service restaurant, and has been listed by Zagat and Parents magazine as a top family-friendly restaurant. CiCi’s was recognized by G.I. Jobs as aMilitary Friendly Franchise®, and Entrepreneur named CiCi’s to its Franchise 500 list.

For more information about CiCi’s, visit www.cicispizza.comor

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