A Refreshing Glass of Champagne is the Best Way to Celebrate Anything

A Refreshing Glass


A Refreshing Glass of Champagne Telmont is a Great Way to Celebrate Even the Smallest Pleasures in Life


Celebrate the end of summer with a refreshing glass of award-winning Champagne Telmont!

As summer comes to an end, there is no better way to celebrate than with a refreshing glass of Champagne, and Telmont has the best selection for you!

Champagne Telmont offers a variety of wines such as their award winning Réserve Brut and their Réserve Rosé, which each have their own distinct tasting notes. While the Réserve Brut is a perfect harmony of richness, fruitiness and freshness, the Réserve Rosé is full-bodied and elegant with an aroma of bursting morello cherry.


A Refreshing Glass


Réserve Brut

Réserve Brut is the result of a subtle marriage of three grape varieties. It is a blend of seven distinct years, together beautifully balanced, a perfect harmony of richness, fruitiness and freshness. A genuine expression of terroir, a tribute to the excellence and singularity of each year’s harvest.


A Refreshing Glass


Réserve Rosé

This exquisite blend of grapes, stemming from four different harvests, showcases its strong personality through a symphony of fruits and a full-bodied, elegant presence. Singular in its expression of terroir, a revelation of the variety that nature offers from one year to the next. Réserve Rosé evokes romance and harmony.


A Refreshing Glass


As emphasized by their “In the Name of Mother Nature” campaign, Champagne Telmont is committed to creating the most sustainable, organic champagne, and is heavily focused on preserving their land and its biodiversity. In addition to crafting champagnes with refined flavor profiles and richly fresh palates, they have a lot of exciting and sustainable initiatives, some of which are already in the works, including:

  • Converting its entire vineyard to 100% organic agriculture by 2025
  • Assisting partner growers with the full conversion of their wines by 2031
  • Transitioned from clear bottles, made from 0% recycled glass to classic green champagne bottles made from 85% recycled glass
  • Eliminated all packaging and gift boxes – “the bottle, and nothing but the bottle”
  • Uses 100% renewable energy and totally eliminated air freights for supply and distribution
  • Launched a pioneering experiment that seeks to reduce the weight of its glass bottles from 835g to a first of its kind, 800g bottle.  This change will no doubt have a major impact on the entire Champagne region if implemented, reducing the region’s carbon footprint
About Champagne Telmont
A house seeped in ancestral know-how. Since 1912, four generations of winegrowers and winemakers passed down a vision, passion, and savoir-faire that is based in a commitment to terroir and mastery of the art of wine making.
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