Non-Drinking Essentials: Dry January to Moderation March

Non-Drinking Essentials


Non-Drinking Essentials Like Three Spirit, Partake and Avaline Wine are Just the Thing for Dry January


Non-Drinking Essentials for Dry January. With Dry January in its sixth official year, it has graduated from an underground social movement to a full-on phenomenon. With a reported 15% of Americans planning to participate in 2022 (according to YouGov), this year brings more of a reason than ever to check out innovative alcoholic alternatives.


This year, skip the boring club soda/lime combo and enjoy non-alcoholic beverages that deliver on flavor and quality:

  • Created by bartenders + scientists, Three Spirit gives the “mocktail” a whole new meaning as a plant-based spirit alternative that gives you the buzz without the booze. The trio of elixirs will take you from day to night. Affiliate links available!

  • Prefer a cold brew? Partake is a low-calorie, vegan NA beer that has a style for everyone, from hoppy IPA to fruity Peach Gose.

  • For those Damp January-ers out there (no judgment!), check out Avaline, by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power. The clean, delicious wines are made with organic grapes, transparently produced, full of natural goodness and free of unwanted extras. The vegan vinos are available in White, Red, Rosé and Sparkling.


About Three Spirit: 


Three Spirit is the world’s first plant-powered functional trio of elixirs, created by a group of bartenders and scientists. Delivering on both function and taste, the drinks innovation company is driven by plants and pleasure harnessing the potential of active botanicals and alchemy to push boundaries and make alcohol-free mean more. Recipes for each elixir are included below. The Three Spirit range includes:

  • Livener – a vibrant, powerful drink designed to liven the senses + get the party started!


Non-Drinking Essentials


Livener Daiquiri


This twist on the Cuban classic packs a punch and awakens the senses. Fresh lime marries with the fire, fruit and energising plants of the Livener for the perfect summer pick-me-up.


2 fl oz Livener
1/2 fl oz Lime juice
1 Barspoon Demerara Sugar


This drink works amazingly with extra ingredients, so you can be as creative as you want as to what extra flourishes you put in!


Add ingredients into an ice-filled cocktail shaker (or jam jar) and shake hard. Strain into a cocktail glass or blend into a slushie with fresh fruit, if that’s your thing!


  • Social Elixir – the ultimate social companion and mood elevator

Non-Drinking Essentials


Social Cold Brew


2 fl oz Social Elixir
1 fl oz cold brew coffee
Ice cold tonic water


Add Social Elixir and coffee to high ball glass and fill with ice to the top.
Top halfway with tonic and stir to combine.
Add more ice and fill glass with tonic.
Garnish with a lemon wheel.


  • Nightcap – a calming drink to soothe the body after a long day (or night!)


Non-Drinking Essentials


Zen Hot Toddy


To fill an 8oz cup:

2 fl oz Nightcap
2 barspoons maple syrup
5 fl oz boiling water
Big lemon wheel, studded with 8 cloves
1 star anise
Optional dash of whisky for a low abv drink


Stud a whole lemon with lots and lots of cloves before cutting into slices. To stud, pierce holes into the lemon zest with a fork then push cloves in. Warm your cup with hot water first. Once warm, empty out the water and add ingredients. Stir briefly to combine and add a dash of whisky for those that want. Serve piping hot.


Non-Drinking Essentials


About Partake Brewing


At Partake, we are beer lovers first. We’re on a mission to transform the non-alcoholic beer experience so fellow beer lovers can enjoy great tasting beer that pairs perfectly with every occasion, no matter the reason for cutting back on alcohol. Partake Brewing has become a leader in craft non-alcoholic beer in North America with distribution in major retailers across Canada and the United States. Brewed using a proprietary process, Partake Brewing is praised by customers for its unique combination of exceptional flavor, classic styles, and game-changing nutritionals. The Partake range includes: Pale, IPA, Blonde, Red, Dark, Peach Gose and limited-edition Radler and Lime all ranging from 10-35 calories!

Non-Drinking Essentials


About Avaline:


Avaline is a clean wine brand created by global icon and wellness author Cameron Diaz, together with successful entrepreneur Katherine Power (Who What Wear, Versed Skincare, Merit). Currently available in White, Rosé, Red, Sparkling as well as online exclusives like Pinot Noir, Avaline’s portfolio of delicious, vegan-friendly wines are made with organic grapes and free of unwanted extras. With ingredient and nutrition transparency on each label, Avaline wines provide an easier shopping experience, inviting consumers to pour with confidence. Avaline wines are available for purchase at select retailers in 46 states plus the District of Columbia and direct-to-consumer in 30 states (and counting!) at All wines have an SRP of $24-26.

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