ETTORE Wines are a Wonderful Way to Celebrate the Holidays


ETTORE Wines Make a Great Pairing for Holiday Dinners or for Gift Giving


Choose ETTORE Wines for the parties and your friends. I know it’s hard to believe but the holiday season is already in full swing. The stores are bustling with shoppers trying to find those perfect gifts. And there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this year with family and friends finally able to gather again. The celebrations will surely be extra special and full of cheer.

Deciding on what to drink or serve with your holiday dinner can be a difficult task since everyone has their preferences. This year, you can focus on family time and whatever’s on the stove or in the oven because ETTORE offers a range of wines that will be sure to please any palate and pair perfectly with your holiday meal.


ETTORE Organic Wines

Expressing the best of Mendocino’s complex terroir, ETTORE wines channel the soul of their abundant natural surroundings and are only produced from organic, hand-harvested, and estate-grown grapes.

I got the chance to taste a couple of these magnificent wines and judge them for myself.

ETTORE Wines Make a Great Pairing for Holiday Dinners or for Gift Giving.


2018 ETTORE Chardonnay Reserve

This chardonnay comes from hand-picked organic grapes that are grown in the loamy soils of Mendocino’s Sanel Valley then aged for 18 months in French Oak Barrels. This has produced a smooth and complex white wine revealing flavors of white fruit and florals. A refined chardonnay for any celebration! I loved it and I think you will also.

The 2018 ETTORE Chardonnay Reserve, a bold yet elegant tasting white with balanced, fruit flavors made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, is the perfect glass to sip while catching up with your family before heading over to the dinner table. Propose a toast to your family and friends for a healthy and happy holiday season and new year with this satiny, ultrarich white wine.


2018 ETTORE Red Wine

Grown in the loamy soils and aged in French Oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, these hand picked grapes have melded together to create a red blend that is peppery, jammy and full of red berries with slight smoky notes with medium tannins. A delicious wine throughout the meal! And the hand-dipped wax tops on all their bottles is a nice touch for gift giving!

If the menu consists of turkey, cranberry and other holiday dinner staples, open a bottle of 2018 ETTORE Red Wine; with its deep red color, fruit flavors and savory, smoky notes, this red blend will pair well with a variety of holiday-centric dishes. After dinner, finish off the bottle of red wine while sharing stories and reminiscing about what a hectic year it has been while just enjoying the company around you.



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About ETTORE Organic Winery


Located in Hopland, California in Mendocino’s Sanel Valley, this boutique organic winery is more than one hundred years old. Situated directly at the foot of the mighty Duncan Peak, whose refreshingly cool air assists the ripening of their organic grapes. Their 64 acre estate is planted to 35 acres of vineyards which are interspersed with cover crops to promote and sustain ecological balance. Local workers spread compost and organic fertilizers, while also tending to the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. The grapes are all hand-harvested at just the right moment, picked not just by their dedicated vineyard workers, but by all company employee including the owners.


In addition, ETTORE is one of the first wineries in Mendocino to use the Purovino® method, a revolutionary scientific method to eliminate sulfites from wine.


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