Milam and Greene + Tèo Gelato Make Vanilla Bourbon Gelato

Milam and Greene

Milam and Greene Whiskey and Tèo Gelato Release Handmade Vanilla Bourbon Italian-style Gelato in Texas


Milam and Greene Whiskey is pleased to share the news that Teo Gelato has released new flavors made with its bourbon. The new bourbon flavored gelato is available in Central Market stores throughout Texas.




Milam & Greene Whiskey is partnering with Tèo Gelato, an Austin-based business which was awarded one of the top five gelatos in the world, to create decadent Milam & Greene Triple Cask Bourbon infused gelato recipes: seasonal Bourbon Vanilla and a new edition of the Texas Pecan & Bourbon Chocolate gelato. The two companies share a passion for creating excellent craft products.


Milam and Greene


Tèo Gelato is made by hand every day in-house using local Texas milk and cream, native pecans, and other high-quality ingredients such as imported Madagascar vanilla beans and real Belgian Chocolate.


“Infusing our gelato with Texas-made whiskey fits our commitment to using local ingredients when possible, and Milam & Greene’s focus on producing world-class whiskey in Texas aligns with our mission of making world-acclaimed gelato,” says Matthew Lee, the owner of Tèo Gelato. “We’re introducing these flavors made with Milam & Greene Whiskey at a perfect time. These gelatos are a perfect accompaniment to holiday pies and cakes or served on their own.”


Milam and Greene


Pricing and Availability: 


Tèo Gelato Handmade Vanilla Bourbon Gelato Made with Milam & Greene Triple Cask Bourbon is available exclusively at Central Market stores in Texas just for the holiday season.


About Milam & Greene: 


The award-winning Milam & Greene Whiskey brand is named for the partnership formed between Texas entrepreneur Marsha Milam and whiskey expert Heather Greene. Each bottle’s flavor is created under the direction of both Heather Greene and veteran Kentucky master distiller Marlene Holmes. The brand’s team distills in both Blanco, Texas, and in Marlene Holmes’s home state of Kentucky. Together Holmes and Greene also blend, batch, source, and finish wherever suits the whiskey best, usually under a big blue sky in Blanco or in an old Castle in Austin among the angels who look after them. For more information visit: Connect with Milam & Greene Whiskey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Milam and Greene


About Tèo Gelato:


Our gelato may be handmade in Austin, but the way we make it is purely Italian. Our gelato maestro, Matthew Lee, trained in Italy, bringing back the technique, recipes and quality that you taste in every scoop of Tèo Gelato.


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