Regalo Boutique is Hosting Their First Holiday Bazaar

Regalo Boutique

Regalo Boutique at Estancia del Norte is Helping Local Artists by Featuring Them at Their 1st Holiday Bazaar


Holiday Bazaar at Regalo Boutique inside the beautiful Estancia del Norte hotel located at 37 NE Loop 410, San Antonio TX is taking place this week.


When buying from a local artist, you aren’t just buying a thing. You’re buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life.



One of a kind, unique discoveries in a fun, holiday setting.



Friday, Dec. 3rd: 11am – 5pm

Saturday, Dec. 4th: 11am – 5pm

Sunday Dec. 5th: 10am – 1pm



Lazo at Estancia del Norte


The Regalo Boutique inside Estancia del Norte will partner with over 10 local San Antonio vendors for a weekend of shopping and fun!


A portion of the proceeds from each vendor will go to benefit the 24 local nonprofits awarded through the Estancia Cares Campaign. Walk through a Winter Wonderland complete with Christmas decor, and Santa’s mailbox routed straight to the North Pole!


Enjoy signature drinks by The Paseo Bar, bites prepared by Lazo, and an opportunity to shop for a cause!


This is the perfect opportunity to support local artists/makers by making a meaningful purchase. With so many unique vendors, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list!


Here’s a sneak peek:


Art By Stevie Weissman


Regalo Boutique


“I have been an event planner for 35 years, following a successful retail business for 15 years. When the COVID Pandemic struck, all events were cancelled. I wondered what I could do to fill my days without parties to plan. I took up painting and found the party in my crazy “girlfriends.” They each have their own personality, none are shy, they enjoy other “guests” whispering about them. Encourage one to tell you her story.”


Fairy Dust by Paulina


“We are a homemade bakery that believes in the greatness of working with high-quality ingredients and techniques to make each one of our products special and unique. We bake everything from scratch! We take pride in using real butter for our cakes and buttercream frosting! We take good care of every single detail, from selecting ingredients to designing our own boxes so you get to love all our products as much as we do!”


Art by Sarah Mills Bailey


“Sarah Mills Bailey’s artistic endeavors began as crafting household décor. Using paint and fabric, she applied color as a means of highlighting visual perception of form. Fabric then became the medium, but again the tool was color, along with texture, as she juxtaposed aspects of both in her designs. It was a natural progression to the elemental of abstract art, narrowing the focus to color itself, becoming not just the tool but the object of perception.”


Grazing By Zoe


Regalo Boutique


“I believe the best times shared are around a table, specifically a grazing table because there is always something for everyone! I have a passion for sourcing new ingredients and always get inspired by what’s in season as well as my travels. I hope grazing, big or small, brings you as much joy as it brings me creating it.”


Arte Mia Crafts


My name is Angelica Durán, owner and artist at Arte Mia Crafts. As a lifelong artist and maker I enjoy working in a variety of mediums. I create handmade clay ornaments and hand painted tile magnets along with several other handmade products. My current passion focusing on dessert and drink candles along with wax melts. The magic in creating our favorite desserts and drinks out of wax just blows me away.


Louis Vega Treviño


Trevino’s works on paper include drawings on museum board, post-it-notes, and over 60,000 cocktail napkins, which he has translated to a variety of media such as carpet and textile design by manipulating naturally formed geometric shapes to create innovative patterns.  Trevino’s line work is mesmerizingly precise, with bright, bold colors that capture and hold the viewer’s attention.


Albert Gonzales


Regalo Boutique


Wabi Sabi, a Japanese philosophy which can be translated to the idea of embracing the beauty of the imperfect, or in simple terms, perfectly imperfect. Through my art, I translate that philosophy by abstracting the flowers I paint. I create these non-anatomically correct flowers to stand as a symbol meaning we are the flower. We all have our own imperfections or insecurities. Throughout this series, I like to use bold colors to encourage the viewer to look past the abstract and imperfect.


Luis Sosa


“I’m a retired (13 years ) Firefighter. Upon retirement, I decided to take up Landscape Photography as a hobby once again. My wife and I enjoy traveling, so I incorporate my love of photography where ever we go. I am learning Digital Photography and have discovered that form of Photography is what I enjoy working with the most. I like to think of myself as an artist who is a photographer.”


Akaimi Davis


Regalo Boutique


“My work explores themes that speak both directly and indirectly to my own Black experience, and the self-exploration of what Black identity means to me. Each of my pieces are like shards of a broken mirror, reflecting segments of myself and my Black and Latino Communities. The use of vibrant palettes and patterns nod reverently towards the aesthetic of these cultures- my cultures. “My process is meditative- which is something I’m unable to teach. I go into an almost trance-like state, where my mind is allowed to go blank, and create freely without attachment to outcome. I do not approach the substrate with sketches or preconceived ideas. My work literally just flows, as I am a conduit for beauty.”


Gathers No Moss


Regalo Boutique


John Bloodsworth’s creations embody repurposed possessions and vintage garden ware serving as vessels for nature’s beauty. Succulents and cacti spring forth from a lava rock molcajete, a traditional Mexican stone bowl and pestle used for grinding foods. Industrial galvanized metal light fixtures are turned into flowerpots holding miniature Lemon Cypress Tree topiaries.


Loteria de Comida


“Food brings people together and connects us all to the world around us.” – Tracey Maurer Tracey is a Texas native who has specialized in commercial food photography for the last 30 years. My original lotería art was created using photographic techniques and storytelling to capture iconic “San Antonio” food. Each subject was selectively chosen from offerings at farmers markets, panaderias, taquerias, local mercados, paleterias or made in my own kitchen.


Chauncey & Coco


Regalo Boutique


Mehek and Nida are the artist sisters behind Chauncey and Coco, a lifestyle brand focused on modern handcrafted jewelry influenced by their love of color and form. Founded in 2016, Chauncey and Coco aims to provide adornments that stand out and make you feel your best. They stay inspired through contemporary fashion, classical architecture, and frequent visits to museums.


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