Media Kit and PR Information

Media Kit and PR Information for Flicks and Food

This page contains Media Kit and  PR Information for Flicks and Food pertaining to reviews,  sponsorship, Disclosure & Privacy Policy.

Flicks and Food is a blog owned and operated by First Dominion Financial, LTD. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me, Johnnie De La Garza. For questions about this blog, please contact me at

Flicks and Food now has over 500,000 followers across all social media including this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Trove and LinkedIn and shows no sign of slowing. When your article, review or advertisement is posted to the Flicks and Food blog, it also gets pushed to all our social media sites. This insures your article will receive a lot of views.

When Flicks and Food blogs about you or your product you don’t just get followed you get stalked.

Flicks and Food is mostly about food & drink, culinary travel, movies and products related to these areas. I offer reviews on restaurants/eating & drinking establishments, hotels, wine & beer, liquor, books including cookbooks, movies (both TV and theater), culinary travel, and products that relate to all the above. Occasionally there may be a review about an item that doesn’t relate to any of the above but that we really like and is near and dear to our heart. To learn more about Johnnie go to

Johnnie started writing this blog in 2008. For the first 3 years it was mostly Johnnie’s hobby, something to do in her free time. Now it is a full time effort.  This is due in part to the overwhelming response from my 500,000 followers, the many restaurants in the San Antonio and surrounding area that liked my reviews and to branded companies who have discovered Flicks and Food and realized the value of this blog.

Due to the overwhelming success of this valued blog over the last few years, Flicks and Food has been going through many growing pains and changes. The first change was the upgrade of the website hosting the blog. The new site is cleaner, easier to navigate and it offers much more exposure for reviews, sponsored posts and advertisement.


How We Can Help You

Flicks and Food is built for exposure and here are four ways we offer our clients to help get you that exposure and get you in front of 500,000 followers.

  1. Personal Restaurant Reviews – A great way to get local and national exposure for your eating establishment. Invite Johnnie or one of her associates to dine at your establishment and 500,000 followers will hear about it through the Flicks and Food blog and its social media.
  2. Product Reviews – This is a heavily engaged, direct response and branding opportunity through Flicks and Food. Send us samples of the product and 500,000 followers will hear about it through the Flicks and Food blog and its social media.
  3. Sponsored Posts – Share your message with with Flicks and Food readers. You write it and 500,000 follower will hear about it through the Flicks and Food blog and its social media. (We do charge a fee for sponsored posts.)
  4. Advertise on Flicks and Food – Turn your readers into customers with varying ad options available. (Contact me at for current rates and availability.)


Flicks and Food offers your message maximum exposure. On agreement , your article with image(s) will appear in several places for increased exposure. The first appearance will be on the main page carousel slider at the top of the page. Most articles will stay on this slider for 4-5 days where it gets optimal viewing. You will also find your article under its category listing, most recent posts, and on its own page. The article is then cross marketed via our social media sites for total viewing power of over 500,000. You will receive an email with a link to the review once it has been posted.

So, as you can see, your article will get maximum exposure on the Flicks and Food blog.

If you are interested in blog sponsorship, a restaurant/product review or ad space, and you feel it falls within the guidelines of the Flicks and Food blog topics mentioned above, I would love to hear from you. Please send me an email at Be sure to also include your restaurant, company or product information and any other pertinent details. I will get back with you regarding my rate schedules and answer any questions you may have.


Review Guidelines

All advertisements and BLOG content must be approved by me, Johnnie De La Garza.
No content will be published without first receiving payment/product.
I have the right to refuse a review for any reason.

What We Need From You for a Product Review:

  • Items for review must be in full size (not samples) and you must send enough samples for us to review properly. Products supplied to us for review will become the property of Flicks and Food and will not be returned.
  • Items for review must be provided and shipped by your company representative. We are not responsible for any shipping charges.
  • Links to the company or product as well as links to three social media sites of your choice; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc.
  • Images of the product and the company logo. If the product is a cookbook then I would also require an image of the book cover as well as a headshot and short bio of the author. For cookbooks I would also need permission to post 1-2 recipes from the book along with images of the recipe. Please supply a recipe(s) of your choice along with image(s) and any permission/credits to author or photographer disclaimer.
  • Samples for review can be sent to: Flicks and Food, 18026 Cerca Azul Dr., San Antonio, TX 78259.


Our Review will Provide:

  • The review will be posted on the Flicks and Food blog after 3-4 weeks (most times sooner) upon receiving the item(s). However, I will do my best to accommodate special requests for a certain posting dates. (Please note that any items received at the last minute may not make a certain deadline.) You will receive an email with a link to the review once it has been posted. Please check it over for any misquotes. Once I get the OK from you that all looks good, I will start pushing on my social media channels.
  • A description of the product and the company or author.
  • My experience with the product and opinion of the product. Should I have a negative experience with the product I will write the review in a constructive, not bashing, manner.
  • In case of a negative review, the product will not be returned.
  • Links to the product or the company website as well as three social media accounts.
  • I may use some of my own images when describing the product, the packaging, recipe/food images during cooking, etc.
  • I may include some of your content with the image(s) you supply.
  • I will cross social media market the post with my 500,000+ social media followers over the course of several weeks.


*For Restaurant Reviews Please Note:

  • We will only be doing restaurants reviews in San Antonio and in cities where we have associate account executives. (An exception to this will be restaurants we visit while traveling to other cities.) However, special requests for restaurants outside this area may be considered.
  • For restaurant reviews please email at least two weeks in advance of when you would like me to dine at your establishment to schedule a time convenient to both of us.
  • The meal, menu, dishes and/or beverages you wish to be reviewed will be comped for me and a guest by your establishment.
  • For restaurant reviews please allow two weeks after dinning at your establishment for review to appear.



What You Need to Provide:

  • A full article written by you about the product and/or company.
  • Article should be no more than 500 words.
  • Three key words of your choice for backlinks.
  • Up to three Social Media site addresses and website/product address.
  • High resolution images of the product, company, book cover, author or any other pertinent images to help describe the product.
  • Recipes along with images using the product, if pertinent.
  • You are welcome to add a coupon or discount code for readers.
  • Please send your copy-ready post, images and recipes to:

What I Will Provide:

  • Your full article will be posted one time on the Flicks and Food Blog for a one time fee of $150.00.
  • I will allow three backlinks to your website using your choice of three keywords for life*.
  • When your article is published it will automatically appear on the front page revolving carousel as well as other areas.
  • At no additional cost Flicks and Food will cross social media market your post with our 500,000+ social media followers numerous times on; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

*Your article will stay on the Flicks and Food blog archives under its category for the life of the blog.


Review Post Rate Schedule

Fee for Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews

No content will be published without first receiving payment.

A one-time fee for posting a sponsored post on the Flicks and Food Blog and our exclusive social media cross market is only $150.00, payable in advance. A one-time fee for writing & posting a sponsored post on the Flicks & Food Blog and our exclusive social media cross market is only $200.00, payable in advance.

Submit your post or article to and payment via PayPal. I will supply PayPal account information when needed.

Once payment and requested materials listed are received, your sponsored post or review will be posted one time on the Flicks & Food Blog.

For product reviews please allow 3-4 weeks after product is received for review to appear.

When your article is published it will automatically appear on the front page revolving carousel as well as the other areas
mentioned earlier.

Information revised 9/21/2015

Banner Advertising Rate Schedule

Complete the form for advertising rates

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