Beautiful Imperfect Produce is Soon Heading to San Antonio

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Beautiful Imperfect Produce is Soon Heading to San Antonio

Beautiful Imperfect Produce ,  the Produce Subscription Service, will Soon be Available in San Antonio

Beautiful Imperfect Produce , the produce subscription service that sources “ugly” fruits and vegetables from farms and delivers them directly to consumers’ doors, is expanding to its first Texas city­—San Antonio—beginning the week of August 27, 2018. Since 2015, Imperfect Produce has been on a social mission to eliminate food waste, help farmers benefit from a full harvest and make healthy fruits and vegetables more accessible and affordable.

Beautiful Imperfect Produce

Beautiful Imperfect Produce

For the initial launch, San Antonio residents can use code SAT50 to receive 50 percent off their first shipment. San Antonio delivery will start in the downtown area with neighborhoods including Olmos Park, Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills, and expand to other areas during the roll-out; interested residents can check availability by entering their zip code on the sign-up page of the Imperfect Produce website.

Beautiful Imperfect Produce

Beautiful Imperfect Produce


Twenty percent of all fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. don’t adhere to the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores, creating billions of pounds of wasted produce every year. Imperfect Produce buys the “ugly” produce directly from farms and ships to customers’ doors at a cost that is 30 to 50 percent less than grocery store prices. Users can fully customize their Imperfect Produce experience, choosing from a small, medium, large or extra-large shipment ranging from $12-18 weekly or bi-weekly filled with organic or conventional fruits and vegetables, along with other perishable food products that might normally go to waste.


Through a mutual interest in food recovery, CEO Ben Simon and co-founder Ben Chesler founded Imperfect Produce to help make an impact on food waste by addressing the billions of pounds of produce that never made it off farms. Imperfect Produce helps to narrow this gap by delivering ugly and surplus produce that might otherwise go to waste. They have successfully recovered 30 million pounds since the company’s start. Now delivering in eight cities across the country, with more Texas cities on the horizon, Imperfect Produce aims to one day deliver ugly produce all over the country and be a force for good in the food industry by both reducing food waste and making healthy food more accessible for everyone.


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