Enjoy Tastes of the Sea at Hotel Emma’s Unique Culinary Experience

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Enjoy Tastes of the Sea at Hotel Emma’s Unique Culinary Experience

Enjoy Tastes of the Sea at Hotel Emma’s Master Class: Plancton Marino

Enjoy tastes of the sea at this once in a lifetime unique culinary experience on July 25 as part of Olé, San Antonio at the Pearl.


Plancton Marino­—as an ingredient—is new to the culinary scene. With a flavor profile described as “authentically like the sea,” Spain is the only country with authorization to cultivate the tiny marine organisms. Embraced by leaders in the cutting-edge Spanish gastronomy scene, plancton marino exemplifies the latest installment in Spain’s long history of experimenting with innovative techniques and ingredients.

  Enjoy Tastes                     

On July 25 at Hotel Emma’s exhibition kitchen, San Antonians will have a unique opportunity to experience and discover this innovative ingredient, which is not available anywhere in the United States. The special event hosts expert and leading Spanish marine plancton food consultant Alberto Palomar.

Palomar will talk about the origins of plancton marino as an ingredient in Spanish cuisine,the process of cultivation, and the nutritional benefits. The event will also feature a short documentary and a tasting activity. Seafood and sea salt lovers are encouraged to attend to try out this new and innovative ingredient.

Larder and Sternewirth will be carrying tapas and dishes specifically designed to highlight this exclusive ingredient. Supper will feature a la carte specials on the menu with dishes highlighting Chef John Brand’s creative uses of plancton marino. The specials will be available during lunch and dinner service.

Enjoy Tastes

This event is part of the six unique culinary Master Classes Hotel Emma has prepared as part of Olé, San Antonio, a summer-long program celebrating San Antonio’s Spanish heritage in commemoration of thecity’s 300th anniversary. Upcoming Master Classes include jamón (Spanish ham), conservas (tinned fish), and cheese. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: https://bit.ly/2uqMHhq


Wednesday July 25, 2018 | Session: 5:30PM – 8:30 PM


Hotel Emma

136 E Grayson St.

San Antonio, TX 78215



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