Jack Daniels is Stirring Up Some Manly Cocktails for Father’s Day

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Jack Daniels is Stirring Up Some Manly Cocktails for Father’s Day

Jack Daniels Stirs Up Some Delicious Cocktails for Dads Everywhere

Father’s Day is fast approaching and what more could any Dad want than a refreshing cocktail using Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey!

Honey brings the sweet, Fire brings the spice, and both bring just enough Jack for your tasting pleasure.

About Old No. 7 – Mellowed drop by drop through 10-feet of sugar maple charcoal, then matured in handcrafted barrels of our own making. And our Tennessee Whiskey doesn’t follow a calendar. It’s only ready when our tasters say it is. We judge it by the way it looks. By its aroma. And of course, by the way it tastes. It’s how Jack Daniel himself did it over a century ago. And how we still do it today.

Tennessee Fire – Old No. 7 meets red hot heat. Sometimes, mixing fire and whiskey is a good thing. Our Tennessee Fire blends red-hot cinnamon liqueur with the smooth character of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 for a classic spirit with a fiery finish.

Tennessee Honey – Old No. 7 with real honey. A blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur of our own making, for a taste that’s one-of-a-kind and unmistakably Jack. With hints of honey and a finish that’s naturally smooth, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey offers a taste of the unexpected.

See the recipe suggestions below:

Jack Old Fashioned

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels for Father’s Day


2 oz. Jack Daniel’s® Old No. 7

0.5 oz. Simple Syrup

2 dashes Angostura® Bitters

1 Orange Twist (Garnish)


½ fill a rocks glass with cubed ice. Pour Old No. 7 over ice. Add remaining ingredients and stir for 20-30 seconds. Garnish with an orange twist.


Spiced Iced Tea

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels for Father’s Day


1.5 oz. Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Fire

1.5 oz. Apple Juice

1.5 oz. Cranberry Juice

1.5 oz. Unsweetened Tea

1 Lemon or Lime Wedge (Garnish)


Add ingredients to a shaker, shake with ice and strain into an ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon or lime twist.


Tennessee Honey & Ginger

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels for Father’s Day


2 oz. Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey

Ginger Ale

1 Lemon Twist (Garnish)


Fill a highball glass with cubed ice. Pour Jack Honey over ice. Top with ginger ale. Garnish with lemon twist.


About Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

The Jack Daniel Distillery is the oldest registered distillery in the U.S., and it’s where every drop of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is still made today.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is a completely natural product. It is crafted from pure, iron-free spring water, yeast, and 100% natural whole grains: corn, rye, and barley malt.

We make our whiskey with care just as it has been made for the last seven generations. If Mr. Jack were here today, we’re pretty sure he’d approve.


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