TranQuini is the Refreshing way to Relax and Recharge Your Brain

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TranQuini is the Refreshing way to Relax and Recharge Your Brain

TranQuini Helps You De-stress Naturally

TranQuini, an all natural relaxation beverage scientifically proven to achieve a de-stressing effect without drowsiness, is now available in the United States.

Everyone goes through stressful times now and again. If you didn’t, you would’t be human. Things like exams, sitting in traffic, getting your annual physical or even coming up with what to cook for dinner tonight can all be stressful to many of us. Never knowing a way to change our mind-set and relax is both bad for our health and our work performance. Finding ways to reset our brain and attitude will help us stay healthy and keep us more focused, which helps us to be our very best.


We’ve all heard that listening to your favorite music, taking a walk, yoga, petting your dog (or cat), or deep breathing & meditation can all help during stressful moments. And that is all true because I have used many of these de-stressors throughout my life. But today I am going to tell you about a refreshing way to de-stress with a drink I just found called TranQuini®.

TranQuini is new to the U.S. market but has been in over 30 countries worldwide for awhile now. Tranquini is the first relaxation drink that offers a healthy and convenient way to de-stress. It does this by using a unique blend of natural ingredients known for their calming properties like chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and theanine from green tea. These active ingredients have scientifically proven efficacy in reducing stress and anxiety, without causing drowsiness, thereby bringing about mental focus and an ability to perform well in stress conditions. Tranquini is made with 100% organic cane sugar, no artificial colors, only natural flavors, and contains Zero preservatives.


I have now tried all six of these lightly carbonated relaxation drinks. Of course I had my favorite flavors, Ginger Lemongrass & Mixed Berries, but all flavors were delicious. I was a little hesitate about drinking them in the afternoon for a couple of reasons. First I was worried they would cause some drowsiness and I still had my work to do and second, I already have a problem getting to sleep at night and I didn’t want to add to that problem. I am glad to report that neither fear was warranted. I actually became a little more focused for my afternoon writing and they didn’t keep me awake at night. In fact, they may have helped me focus just enough to finish my work giving me peace of mind, thereby allowing me to relax at bedtime and helping me fall asleep easier.

All the drinks were very refreshing with a pleasant taste, not overly sweetened and had a light carbonation. I also like the bright bold packaging, which was rather uplifting in the mid-afternoon work slump.


Tranquini was created by beverage veteran Ahmed Elafifi, the company’s Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer and is the perfect fit for people who are increasingly prioritizing mindfulness and a more actively relaxed life. Tranquini is led by a management team of experts with a combined premium beverages and lifestyle brand experience of over 200 years, who are using their wide industry expertise to deliver a product that meets the needs of the 21st-century consumer.

The brand’s aim is to help people achieve a positive, actively relaxed, lifestyle.

The market for Relaxation Beverage has been growing in recent years. Relaxation beverage sales are expected to exceed $242M in the USA in 2018.

About Tranquini:

Tranquini® is the first global relaxation drink, offering a healthy and convenient way to de-stress. Tranquini was launched in April 2015 and is led by Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer, Ahmed Elafifi who has over 25 years of experience in the consumer goods and beverage industries.

Their lightly carbonated relaxation beverage contains an herbal blend containing green tea extract – a source of natural theanine. Tranquini sparkling comes in Mixed Berries, Green Tea Twist, Ginger Lemongrass, Hops and Malted Barley, Apple Cherry and Hibiscus flavors.

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